October 03, 2023

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The Kia EV5 makes its debut at Chengdu Motor Show
The Kia EV5 makes its debut at Chengdu Motor Show

The Kia EV5 makes its debut at Chengdu Motor Show

The design and comfort of the Kia EV5 set compact SUV standards

Kia has just unveiled the production version of the EV5 concept that debuted earlier this year. While the electric car’s specifications have yet to be revealed, the production model retains the concept’s upright, boxy shape while fitting into a more conventional cabin. This production model made its debut at the 2023 Chengdu Motor Show. The Kia EV5 ushers in a new era of electric mobility in the small SUV segment to meet the needs of millennial families.

The EV5 perfectly combines transformative design, exceptional versatility, and exceptional comfort to deliver a harmoniously balanced vehicle. Every attribute of the EV5 is designed and engineered to provide the versatility modern families demand and enhance their enjoyment of every ride. 

Exterior Design

Determined to eclipse the accepted aesthetic of the existing small SUV segment and create a vehicle with a confident, bold, new, and genre-defining appearance, Kia inspired the EV5 from the brand’s famous “Opposite” design philosophy.

Capturing the delicate interplay between the natural landscape and contemporary architecture, the Kia EV5 stands out with its strong, solid lines. It embodies the modernity of the Kia Tiger mask with its wide and unique stance, all crafted with passion and precision.

According to Karim Habib, Executive Vice President and Director of Kia’s Global Design Center, the Kia EV5 was created to redefine the compact SUV category with a shape that is shaped by the design philosophy of ‘Forwards’ Kia’s unique ‘unification’. Throughout the development process, Kia engineers collaborated closely with Kia designers. As a result, the EV5 sets a new standard in design, performance, and practicality while taking driving pleasure and user experience to a whole new level.

Heavily influenced by “Bold for Nature”, one of the five pillars of “Opposition” design, the EV5 features strong, powerful bodywork complemented by a soft, emotionally resonating surface that aims to the purpose of stimulating creativity and meeting the environmental needs of conscious families. And individuals looking for innovation.

From every angle, the confident and dignified nature of the EV5 is reflected in the strong fenders and wide ribs, creating a strong and unique styling. The pushed-back D-pillar further emphasizes the EV5’s family-friendly practicality, increasing space for the rear seats and trunk while providing a wide field of view.

Kia’s distinctive design lines, such as the wide nose and sturdy bonnet, combine to form a sleek digital ‘tiger face’ that obscures the traditional grille to give a clean, strong impression. Further enhancing the exterior design of the front, the EV5 incorporates three-dimensional “star map illumination” formed by Daytime Running Lights (DRL). Inspired by starry constellations, it introduces dynamic shapes along the light line, further emphasizing the EV5’s Tiger Face design.

At the rear, the elongated and lowered spoiler maintains the distinctive SUV look while improving aerodynamic efficiency and demonstrating the EV5’s status as a revolutionary electric vehicle born to deliver. A new era of safe and sustainable family mobility. The extended and technical bottom slide further emphasizes the EV5’s solidity and protection, while the rear door divider gives the design a clean, sharp edge.

There are nine glossy colors and one matte color available for the exterior of the EV5. As for matte colors, they are Ivory Silver, Frost Blue, Iceberg Green, Tide Blue, and Shale Grey; while glossy colors are Snow White Pearl, Clear White, Starry Night Black, Magma Red, and Ivory Silver, as well as Frost Blue and Iceberg Green.

The interior

A study conducted by Kia found that Millennial households now view the interior of their electric SUV not only as a safe and comfortable place to sit when moving from point A to point B but also as a “room” that complements their lives. Kia’s interior designers have completely recreated the car’s interior space. Also taking inspiration from the recently launched larger EV9 SUV, they’ve given the EV5 a spacious interior that’s closer to the concept and implementation of a living room at home than a traditional car cabin.

Once again, the EV5 interior design is centered on creating an exceptional blend of new shapes and spaces, pursuing a concept of seamless harmony between nature and man-made elements, by the ‘Bold for Nature’ design pillar. Resulting in a transformative convergence of form and function, This space provides occupants with a comfortable, engaging, and inviting experience.

This interior atmosphere combines relaxation, inspiration, and pure and humane family fun through the design details of the EV5 cabin and its overall finish. On the front bumper as well as on the front and rear door trim, there is variable ambient lighting that makes it even more visible in low light.

In addition to its adjustable brightness (0-10), the EV5 provides a highly personal touch to mood lighting. A total of 64 colors are available, including ten shades selected by Kia’s lighting experts. Synced to the vehicle’s drive modes, dimming in low light conditions, and subtly alerting the driver if the vehicle deviates from the speed limit, mood lighting enhances driver engagement and awareness.

The EV5’s sleek and sophisticated center console is a striking design element that offers modern functionality and smooth, intuitive interaction with occupants. With the integration of elements such as heating controls and next-generation Connected Cockpit (CCNC) navigation, occupants can choose their preferred settings as easily as they would in their favorite seats in the comfort of their own homes. With the expertise of Kia’s interior design team, EV5 customers can bring to the interior of their SUV a level of luxury and style similar to what they might choose for their home. The car can be chosen from 4 main colors and 5 seat options. Seat models include two fabric options and an artificial leather option for the base model.

Launch Schedule

Kia will launch the EV5 in the second half of 2023, initially in China, and will reveal more details about the product at Kia EV Day, an event dedicated to the EV lineup and the brand’s vision. Scheduled to take place in October, Kia will develop its global vision for electrification at the event.

Information from Kianewscenter

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