September 18, 2021

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Jawa Motor electric motorcycle to launch in 2022 

Jawa Motor electric motorcycle

Jawa Motor electric motorcycle to launch in 2022 

With more and more electric two-wheelers launch in India here comes another electric two-wheeler launch update, the Jawa Motorcycles is planning to launch an all-electric bike in 2022. The company is currently working on a new electric motorcycle and is being developed at the manufacturer’s new development centre in Coventry, UK. Read further to know more about Jawa Motor electric motorcycle. 

It is developed with a high level of localisation. Its design is more stylish and has more futuristic design elements along with the Blue highlights, round LED headlamp and charging lid. The electric bikes many details have to be revealed yet. it will feature a large battery pack delivering a range of around 200-250km on a full charge.

Jawa Motorcycles CEO, Ashish Singh Joshi said that “We’ve established our small R&D Centre in Coventry, we now have between 12 and 15 people working from our side. So they’re BSA employees working on it, plus numerous people are contracted, numerous others who are helping us. We have a consortium of us plus five partners in there. So all of us have put in similar kind of people in our R&D centre. So that’s the (place) where we’ll be seeing electric technology on the motorcycle emerging and putting up. So, I think Jawa, again electrification is something which is a very natural progression from where we are, both from an environmental perspective, again, and also from emissions, regulatory perspective.”

Last year, the Jawa Moto is developing an electric motorcycle for the Indian market. The company’s first two products are Jawa and Jawa 42 were successful products in the Indian market. Now the company is working on a new motorcycle that will be electric.

The Classic Legends is working on developing the bike independently but not with its parent company, Mahindra & Mahindra. But there may be some tech that the companies will share. Mahindra is well experienced in the EV industry it has electric cars and electric scooters. At present eVerito is available in the country.

The company has also a Formula-E team and an electric supercar Automobili Pininfarina from an Italian acquisition. Electric vehicles are the future of the automobile industry and already many manufacturers have added EVs to their vehicle portfolio.

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