May 18, 2024

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Ionity EV charging stations- Freedom to power your dreams across borders

Ionity EV charging stations

Ionity EV charging stations with the power of charging at 350 kW. The Fast charging stations charge your EV in just 10-15 minutes. 

By the time you stop and drink coffee, your EV is fully charged. Don’t get surprised after using it for the first time. This is for the EV users across Europe. 

Ionity EV charging stations- Freedom to power your dreams across borders

There is a strategy for charging that the EVs must be equipped with the CCS, will automatically charge the EVs at the fastest rate and their batteries can be handled safely.

All electric vehicles using the Combined Charging System (CCS) mostly used in Europe can charge at Ionity. You don’t need to carry charging cables or any other plugs to charge with these stations.

Ionity EV charging stations-The Power of 350 KW

The fast-charging station has the power of 350 KW that charges the EV in just 10-15 mins.

Ionity EV charger can charge 60,000 mobile phone batteries

If this EV charger is compared with the mobile phone battery, the phone chargers deliver around 12 W of power. One Ionity charger can charge 60,000 mobile phone batteries.

Ionity EV charging stations give sufficient electricity to 3,500 100 W lightbulbs

And When compared to the 100 W lightbulbs, the one ionity fast-charger can give sufficient electricity to 3,500 100 W lightbulbs.

Whether its 150 kW or 350 kW its charges much fast. It optimizes its charging speed to the maximum car’s built-in battery management system can handle, this can happen only if your car is having the CCS standard.

It charges using a single plug and the CCS system is most commonly used in the cars of Europe.

To charge fast in minutes with Ionity charging station

  • your battery must be in good condition and designed for high power charging
  • Ambien temperature, the extreme heat or cold may reduce charging speed.

  • At higher capacity, the charging slows up to decrease the heat and increase the battery life.
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