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Less Pollution By Improved Emission Norms

Less Pollution By Improved

Maruthi Suzuki India Ltd, India’s largest car manufacturer’s chairman announced that the company will stop manufacturing of the diesel vehicles from April 1, 2020. Less Pollution By Improved Emission Norms.  

Less Pollution By Improved Emission Norms

It will mainly focus on the production of compressed natural gas (CNG) variants and hybrid vehicles.

The company is contributing to making India pollution free by reducing the release of carbon dioxide in the air. As it is the current major concern for the people, manufacturers, and the government to save the environment making it eco-friendly.
It is receiving appreciation from many people concerned about environmental degradation and the public health decline.

Bharat Stage-VI (or BS-VI) Norm Reduces Emissions

This is due to the Bharat Stage-VI (or BS-VI) norms reduces the emissions more than compared to the BS-IV vehicles.

If the vehicle is taken from the BS IV norm it is allowed to emit up to 25,000 micrograms of particulate matter (PM) for every kilometer, the same vehicle when calculated under the BS-VI norm it can emit up to 4,500 micrograms per km. The emission is reduced to 80% in BS-VI PM emission.

BS-VI emission will commence from April 1, 2020,

The BS-VI emission will commence from April 1, 2020, across India. This step will definitely help the environment to less pollution free and people shall breathe the fresh, less polluted air when compared to the current pollution status in the country.

Less Pollution By Improved Emission Norms impact Manufacturers

However, the shift or the change from BS-IV to BS-VI will impact the manufacturers as they are the players of the market who invests.

The main reason the automakers are thinking about the norm BS VI is the cost. They will have to invest some big amount. The diesel car will cost almost ₹100,000 and the petrol ₹20,000.

₹1,00,000 price difference between petrol and diesel passenger

Around ₹1,00,000 is the price difference between petrol and diesel passenger. But when the BS VI norm starts it will hit to the double.

However, if we look at the diesel vehicles before five years the sale of every second car was the diesel but at current, its sale is at fifth.

By this, we can say the diesel strategy is falling or decreasing every year making the automakers to think for diesel vehicles.

Less Pollution By Improved Electric Vehicles-FAME II

In this situation, the advanced technology Electric Vehicles can come into a role as they are meant for the zero-emission making the environment pollution free.

As the government is taking many initiatives for the development and encouragement of EVs in the country by launching the FAME II (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (hybrid) and Electric Vehicles) ₹10,000-crore scheme in India, which provides incentives to the EV buyers, manufacturers and EV charging stations providers.

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