November 26, 2022

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India directs Coal India to invest in EVs & charging pods

India directs Coal India

India directs Coal India to invest in EVs & charging pods

India is heading towards its electrification goals by taking many initiatives to achieve them. In its many initiatives, the latest initiative the government’s Coal Ministry has asked state-run Coal India to diversify its interests to areas such as electric vehicles and charging stations. India is the second-largest importer, consumer and producer of coal, and has the world’s fourth-largest reserves. Read the complete article about India directs Coal India. 

The Ministry of Coal has finalised an agenda document for the year 2021-22. The document said that “Coal India must diversify its business and must explore prospects in sunrise industries, electric charging pods, electric vehicles etc.” India imports coal mainly from Indonesia, Australia and South Africa.

The Ministry of Coal has finalised an Agenda Document for the year 2021-22, which broadly focuses on the four areas of Coal Sector Reforms, Coal Transition and Sustainability, Institution Building and Futuristic Agenda.

According to the document, Coal India has been directed to explore prospects considering electrification. “Coal India must diversify its business and must explore prospects in sunrise industries electric charging pods, electric vehicles etc,” said the coal ministry in a document titled ‘Ministry of Coal’s agenda for 2021-2022.’

Earlier, the corporation announced its plans to invest in solar wafer manufacturing and power generation, coal gasification, extraction of coal bed methane and setting up aluminium smelters.

“Traders/coal consumers of the neighbouring countries can also participate in the Special Spot e-auction/Spot e-auction windows of Coal India,” stated the document.

At the same time, Coal Transition & Sustainability covers the areas of social aspects of coal transition, monetization of de-coaled land, use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in data mining/drones and Sustainability (Net Zero Emissions).

As per the press release, the futuristic agenda include Coal to Chemical: Syn Gas, Hydrogen Gas, Liquid fuels, Chemicals and fertilizers, CIL. Acquisition and mergers of similar or new business after due diligence, media campaign and close monitoring of CSR activities.

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