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Best electric scooters in India 2023

Best electric scooters in India 2023

List of the best electric scooters in 2023


India has evolved and embraced green energy, especially in the transportation sector. The number of electric vehicles has increased significantly in recent months. With these benefits in mind, several major two-wheeler suppliers have jumped on the electric bike or scooter bandwagon. There are some things to consider before building your bike.

In order to make more informed choices while shopping for an electric powered two-wheeler, we need you to consider those key elements first before we evaluate the leading electric powered motorcycles in India.

But here is our list of the best electric scooters in India 2023.


Ola S1

Ola Electric Mobility is a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers based in Bangalore, India. The Ola S1 is Ola’s ambitious project and a huge hit in India. This vehicle already had many pre-registrations before it hit the market.

With a range of 121 km and a top speed of 90 km/h, the e-scooter offers a unique combination of distance and speed. Ola has also opened 200 Experience Centers nationwide, allowing customers to discover and purchase Ola products and vehicle services anywhere. According to Ola CEO and Founder Bhavish Aggarwal, the Ola community is truly leading the EV revolution in India, delighting nearly 200,000 customers. They are on a mission to dominate and their goal of making all two-wheelers in India electric by the end of 2025 is paying off.




TVS iQUBE Electric

TVS is a popular two-wheeler manufacturer in India. The TVS iQube Electric e-scooter series has a top speed of 78 km/h and a range of 75 km. It also has a large dashboard, parking sensors and plenty of storage space. Designed to give customers a smart, connected and personalized commuting experience.

The TVS iQube is offered for just 99,130 (on-road price), inclusive of FAME II and State Government incentives. Subsidies to promote the introduction of EVs across India. This makes TVS iQube one of the most affordable electric scooters in India without compromising on features, performance and comfort. We can all drive into the future with the quiet yet powerful TVS iQube Electric. The TVS iQube has all the modern features you need, including LED lighting, a full-color TFT instrument panel, USB charging port, under-seat helmet storage, and a plug-and-play charger. Additionally, many features are available via cluster-aware SmartConnect apps for smartphones. Access your ride stats, remote battery charging, geofencing status, and more with just a few taps on your smartphone. TVS iQube is one of the most advanced electric scooters around today with its 118 smart features.




Ather 450X

Ather Energy is an Indian electric powered automobile corporation situated in Bangalore. Produces two battery-powered scooters, the Ather 450X and the Ather 450 Plus. It also built a nationwide electric vehicle charging infrastructure called the Ather Grid.
Major updates include brand-new side steps, cast aluminium and upgraded rear-view mirrors with double visibility. It also has a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 22-liter trunk, front and rear disc brakes with regenerative technology, a belt drive system and a telescopic fork.

The 450X and 450 Plus have the same home charging speed, but the fast charging speed differs in one aspect. Ather 450X can be powered at 1.5 km/min via Ather Grid. The 450 Plus can only charge at 1 km/min on the same Ather Grid power network. All different loading parameters are the same. 

Ather 450X is a premium electric scooter with features such as a monoshock suspension system, dual disc brakes and reverse parking assist. Ather Energy’s innovative and sophisticated vehicle handling has been in development for years and we look forward to sharing it with the world. Ather is also the only scooter in the world that offers onboard navigation powered by Google. The updated version is much smarter and more intuitive than its predecessor.



Ampere Magnus

Ampere Vehicles is a decade-plus electric two-wheeler company focused primarily on affordable entry-level electric scooters. Initially, we focused mainly on small markets in South India. But in recent years, the company has expanded its presence to more than 200 cities in India.

As of 2018, Ampere Vehicles is part of Greaves Cotton, one of the nation’s largest engineering firms. With such great support and backing, this EV company plans to hit the country with a line of electric scooters. Ampere Magnus Pro is equipped with a 1200W motor that accelerates the scooter from 0 to 40 km/h in 10 seconds. The maximum speed allowed is 55 km/h. Thanks to its replaceable lithium-ion battery, the Magnus Pro offers a range of 100km in eco mode and 80km in cruise mode.




Hero Electric Optima CX

HERO ELECTRIC is a pioneer and leader in the electric two-wheeler industry in India. You have been a pioneer in electric mobility in India for over ten years. They believe that providing consumers with eco-friendly two-wheeler solutions is of the utmost importance.
Hero Electric, India’s largest manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, introduced the all-new Hero Electric Optima CX a few years ago. The City Speed electric scooter has recently been updated with cruise control. The Hero Optima CX City Speed electric scooter has a 550W motor and a 30AH lithium-ion battery. The scooter has a range of about 82 km on a single charge and a top speed of about 42 km/h. It takes 4-5 hours for the scooter to fully charge.

Hero Electric is equipped with rear drum brakes and CBS. This comfort-oriented scooter is available in four color options. A dual-battery version is also available. The dual-battery variant offers longer range, but also comes at a higher price.




Okinawa Ridge Plus

Okinawa Autotech is an Indian company that manufactures electric scooters. Jeetender Sharma and Dr. Co-founded by Rupali Sharma, the company is headquartered in Gurgaon.
It sits in the middle of the Ridge series, with a sleek, sophisticated look and sharp edges giving it a futuristic look. The scooter is equipped with rear drum brakes, an electronically assisted braking system. It also has a top speed of 55 km/h and offers a range of 120 km on a single charge. Electric ABS is standard equipment on the brand-new Okinawa Ridge Plus. The Okinawa Ridge Plus Scooty is available in standard colors and two colors. The Okinawa Ridge Plus is a single variant. The price of the Okinawa Ridge Plus (as of mid-2020) is 67,806 yen for the basic version. The Ridge Plus comes with the company’s standard 2-year warranty.




Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak was once one of India’s most famous scooters. The scooter has revived its iconic name by combining the retro look of older models with the modern look of an electric scooter. It also has a quick charge function that can charge 25% in just 1 hour, and a full charge takes 5 hours.

At Chetak, driver and vehicle safety is our number one priority. Chetak uses high quality lithium-ion batteries with advanced chemistries sourced directly from the world’s leading manufacturers. Inside the battery itself, several internal safety measures are used, including: A current interrupting device that isolates a cell from certain faults.

Chetak’s lithium-ion battery is expected to last 70,000 kilometers (usually 7 years) if it is charged to at least 15% of its capacity and used normally. Offer a 3-year or 50,000km warranty, whichever comes first.




Bounce Infinity E1

Bounce Infinity, part of Bounce, India’s first smart mobility ridesharing company, is on a mission to make your daily commute fast, stress-free and convenient. In its first year, Bounce facilitated 1,00,000 rides per day with its 30,000-strong scooter fleet. The Bounce Infinity E1 is powered by a 1500-Watt BLDC motor. Bounce Infinity E1 requires a fully charged battery. Bounce Infinity E1 is priced from Rs 47,499K to Rs 79,999K (showroom, Delhi). There are three variants: with battery as a service, with battery as a service – pro, and with battery. The Infinity E1 has a replaceable battery so you don’t have to rely on stationary chargers. Drag mode means the driver does not have to manually push the scooter in case of a flat tire. Battery exchange technology allows you to replace the battery in minutes without worrying about the range when the charge runs out.

Interestingly, the scooter exhibits an old-school design aesthetic with a small flared roofline and dashboard module, an ergonomic unibody, tubeless tires with disc brakes and a ‘CBS’ combo braking system.




BGauss D15

BGauss, a Mumbai-based sub-brand of RR Global, launched its B8 and A2 electric scooters last October. The company manufactures a range that includes 100% Made in India electric scooters at its manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune. BGauss D15 is an electric scooter that comes with a starting price of Rs. 99,999 in India.

The BGauss D15 uses a compound braking system with front and rear drum brakes on both wheels. This brand-new electric scooter offers a retro design complemented by some modern features. These features include full LED lighting, LCD screen, smartphone connectivity, removable battery, integrated Navi system, speedometer with digital display, meter, keyless start, USB port for mobile charging and notifications. This electric scooter provides a range of 115km on a single charge and uses a 3.2kWh lithium-ion battery that is fully charged in 5.5 hours. The electric scooter D15 is available in two versions. D15i and D15 Pro. Brake hardware includes drum brakes on both wheels.


Pure Epluto 7G

PURE is now one of India’s leading EV2W brands and also holds a dominant position in exports to South Asian countries like Nepal and Bhutan. The company is committed to building a reliable electric vehicle brand.

The PURE EPluto 7G is a premium Indian electric scooter designed to offer the most comfortable ride a scooter can offer. The intelligent multi-speed design puts you in complete control of your driving experience, whether it’s a busy errand or a thrilling long drive. With EPLUTO 7G, you and your friends can ride farther without worrying about emissions. With EPLUTO 7G for India, you’ll ride relaxed.



Model Price Range Battery Capacity Top Speed
Ola S1 Rs. 99,999 121 kilometers 2.98 kWh 90 Kmph
TVS iQUBE Electric Rs. 1,05,274 75 kilometers 3.04 kWh 78 Kmph
Ather 450X Rs.1.17 Lakh to 1.39 Lakh 70 kilometers 2.23 kWh 80 Kmph
Ampere Magnus Rs. 81,833 121 Kilometers 2.295 kWh 53 Kmph
Hero Electric Optima CX Rs. 85,190 82 kilometers 1.5 kWh 45 Kmph
Okinawa Ridge Plus Rs. 66,989 120 kilometers 1.75 kWh 55 Kmph
Bajaj Chetak Rs. 1,60,139 85-95 kilometers 3 kWh 70 Kmph
Bounce Infinity E1 Rs. 45,099 to 70,499 85 kilometers 1.9 kWh 65 Kmph
BGauss D15 Rs. 99,999 – 1.15 Lakh 115 kilometers  3.2 kWh 60 kmph
Pure EPluto 7G Rs. 86,999 90 – 120 KM 2.5 kWh 60 Kmph



These are the 10 best electric scooters available in India in 2023. And more electric two-wheelers will hit the market soon. According to reports, these are some of the e-scooters slated for launch in 2023-2024.


  • River Electric scooter 
  • Husqvarna Vektorr Concept
  • Hero Electric AE-75
  • Okinawa Cruiser
  • TVS iQube Electric
  • Suzuki Burgman Electric
  • Yamaha Neo’s
  • Everve EF1
  • Liger X
  • Ampere Primus


Each of these scooters are great for different purposes and bring a lot of fun. Whether you’re looking for a recreational scooter or a commuter scooter that saves gas, this list You can find your perfect scooter.


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