June 23, 2024

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Hyundai is presenting new EV at Frankfurt

Hyundai presenting new EV Concept at Frankfurt

Hyundai’s new EV concept to be unveiled at Frankfurt auto show

Besides Motorsport’s first electric race car, the South Korean automaker, Hyundai is presenting a new EV concept on display at Frankfurt auto show.

Hyundai is presenting new EV Concept at Frankfurt

The organization says the model introduces a take on the future of mobility and white page EV design, and it is in the next phase under the banner of “Style Set Free.”

The rubric goes beyond autos, incorporating better approaches to interface with articles generally, including vehicles. The car-centric thought is one we’re hearing and seeing most of the time, that as EVs and autonomous driving open up inhabitant space and customers will appreciate “individualized living spaces” on wheels.

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The first demo of Style Set Free accompanied the Hyundai Elevate idea, a passenger cabin with its wheels mounted at the ends of independent extendable legs. The name of the division that made the idea calls it as ‘CRADLE’, which represents the Center for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experience.

Hyundai presenting new EV Concept at Frankfurt
Hyundai presenting new EV Concept at Frankfurt

Indeed, CRADLE has a working, scale model of the Elevate. Hyundai explored the second step in Style Set Free at the current year’s Milan Design Week, with a conceptual vehicle architecture and intelligent displays analyzing shading, shapes, sound, and interactivity itself.

We don’t know how Hyundai plans to develop the theme come to Frankfurt. The car-maker said it believes that future vehicle interiors will allow a design experience like decorating a home, and that “interiors will be progressively adjustable during [a vehicle’s] life cycle.

One of the displays on-stand will be My Space, which “enables guests to interact with different materials to create a kaleidoscopic impact,” and another display H-Space, which offers a look at what the coming “customized in-car customer experience” could resemble.


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