June 24, 2024

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Hub less E-bikes

Hub less E-bikes

Hub less E-bikes

We have seen this Hub less bikes in movies but that movie inspiration brought them into the real world. The futuristic technology we expected is right here. But, even after release it did not cover much attention. In this article let’s get to know why these Hub less E-bikes did not bring a big impact in Electric vehicle Market. To know the market impact of the Hub less bikes first we should know about them.

Hub-less E-bike
Hub less E-Bike by RMK Corporation

These Hub less E-bikes aren’t really Hub less. The spokes are just avoided and hub is made very closer to the rim. So, when we look at it the center seems hallow. These are also called as centerless wheels. Let’s look into the advantages and disadvantages of these hub less wheels.

Advantages of Hub less wheels:

  • Decreased weight (since there is no spokes and center hub)
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Better braking leverage
  • Better accuracy in steering

Disadvantages of hub less wheels:

  • Difficult manufacturing – The precision required in manufacturing these wheels is high
  • Higher exposure: Most of the parts of this wheel are exposed to atmosphere which causes easy wear and tear
  • Difficulty assembly: the assemble of these wheels require high skills and requires highly skilled professionals.
  • Not Economical: the cost of these wheels is pretty high due to the above reasons.
Hub less E-bike
Hub less E-Bike by RMK Corporation

This hub less bikes look very fascinating but, due to its higher cost they are not able to get into the market. The RMK vehicle corporation came with a concept of hub less e-bike in the year of 2019 but it’s not yet launched. The announced price of the bike was a whopping 21 lakhs.

Hub less E-bike
Hub less E-Bike by REEVO BIKES

And, now Reevo bikes have released a Hub less E-bike and Pre-Booking is going on in their website. They are trying to get this E-bike into the market through crowdfunding. We can expect these Hub less E-bikes in the market very soon.

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