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Top 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India 2021

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India 2021

The electric vehicles market in India is growing rapidly and all the automakers are trying to bring new electric vehicles into the market. In this article let’s look into the Top 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India. 

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India

1. Hero Electric

Hero Electric started manufacturing electric vehicles in the year of 2007 at its manufacturing facility near Ludhiana, Punjab. In the year 2008 hero electric stated SMEV (The Society of Manufacturers of electric vehicles) to spread the awareness of electric vehicles.

The list of electric vehicles available in the market by Hero Electric are as follows:

  • Hero Electric Flash
  • Hero Electric optima
  • Hero Electric Nyx
  • Hero Electric Photon
  • Hero Electric Dash
Upcoming Vehicles by Hero Electric:
  • Hero Electric A2B
  • Hero Electric AXLHE-20
  • Hero Electric AE-8
  • Hero Electric AE-75
  • Hero Electric AE-29
  • Hero Electric AE-3
  • Hero Electric AE-47

Hero electric

2. Tata Motors

Tata motors attracted more attention and its stocks grew up only when it entered the electric vehicle segment and released its first car “THE TATA NEXON EV”. The Tata Nexon was the first car to get a 5-star safety rating in India. Tata Motors currently has the electric versions of the Tigor sedan, The Nexon SUV and they are planning to launch the electric versions of the Altroz and Harrier SUV.

Tata Motors


3.MG (Morris Garages)

The MG electric vehicles give a premium look and they are premium in terms of cost also. The electric vehicle in the market by MG is The MG ZS EV which costs around 21 lacs.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India

4.Okinawa Scooters

Okinawa scooters are one of the leading manufacturers of electric scooters in India. they provide many variants in scooters.

The list of scooters provided by Okinawa are as follows:

  • Okinawa praise series
  • Okinawa ridge
  • Okinawa lite
  • Okinawa R30
  • Okinawa dual

Okinawa scooters

5. Ather Energy

Ather Energy is the first company to bring AI-powered electric scooter that is Ather 450X and Ather 450 plus. Even though the price looks a bit high it draws everyone’s attention towards it by its attractive design and power.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India

6. Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric covers both three and four-wheelers, which no other manufacturers covered. The Mahindra eVerito, eSupro, Treo, eAlfa mini and e2o plus are the electric vehicles manufactured by Mahindra Electric.

Mahindra Electric

7. Hyundai

Though Hyundai released one variant of the electric car The Hyundai Kona Electric, it became most popular for its high range. The price of the vehicle is around 24 lacs.


8. Lohia

Lohia is famous for its electric autos and now they are also concentrating on scooters. The models provided by them are as follows:

  • Omastar lithium
  • Omastar
  • Lohia comfort
  • Narain cargo


9. OLA Electric

Ola just entered the market and their factory is under construction in an area of 500 acres. The Ola electric scooter is expected to be launched by October 2021.

Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India


The first electric scooter from TVS was released in April 2008 but they stopped its production from May 2009 since its reach was not satisfactory. Now again TVS entered the EV market and released TVS iCube and TVS Creon is the upcoming electric vehicle from TVS.

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