November 28, 2023

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Hop Electric Mobility launches 2 new electric scooters in India

Hop Electric Mobility electric scooters

Hop Electric Mobility launches 2 new electric scooters in India

HOP Electric Mobility has launched two new electric scooter models HOP Lyf and HOP Leo. It is going to launch five electric two-wheelers by the end of this financial year in India. The company is also planning to install charging stations, starting from Jaipur and later on it will expand to other cities. Let us know more about Hop Electric Mobility electric scooters. 

The HOP is bringing two electric scooters and one electric motorcycle HOP Oxo 100 which is going to launch soon. It is slated to offer a 100 km of range on a single charge and can give a top speed of 100 kmph. It plans to launch at least ten new products in the coming next 3 years.

Hop Electric Mobility electric scooters

Features & specifications 

While we look for some of its features, it has internet, GPS and a smartphone app, 19.5-litres boot space etc. Its technical specifications include, it provides a range of 125km and a payload of 180kg the company said in a release.

The HOP Leo and HOP Lyf models have park assist, reverse gear up to 5 kmph, side stand sensor, 3 riding modes with reverse mode, LED console, USB charging, remote key, anti-theft alarm and a wheel lock and dual disc brakes.

HOP electric scooters variants 


Hop Electric Mobility electric scooters

The HOP Leo comes with three variants Leo Basic, Leo and Leo Extended which gives a top speed of up to 60kmph. It gives a range of 125km on a single charge.


Hop Electric Mobility electric scooters

The HOP Lyf is also available in three variants- Lyf Basic, Lyf and Lyf Extended with a similar range and gives a top speed of 50kmph.

Price of HOP Lyf & Leo electric scooters 

The HOP Lyf electric scooter is priced at Rs 65,500, and HOP Leo electric scooter is priced at Rs 72,500 (all prices ex-showroom, India).

Ketan Mehta, founder-CEO, HOP Electric Mobility, said, “Since most millennials and now Gen Z individuals are now preferring sustainable yet convenient modes of transportation, these new product offerings will revolutionize the Indian e-mobility space. “We foresee hyper-growth in the e-mobility space and are looking forward to adding more products to our portfolio,” he added.

The HOP Electic Mobility has a 40,000 square feet manufacturing unit in Jaipur with a capacity to manufacture 50,000 vehicles per year. It is planning for a new manufacturing facility in South India with a maximum capacity of 5 lakh units per year.

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