June 14, 2024

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Honda unveils new electric vehicle concepts at CES 2024

Honda unveils new electric vehicle concepts at CES 2024

EV concept models unveiled by Honda, including the new ‘H’ mark

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Honda unveiled the new Honda 0 Series, a series of electric vehicles that will be available globally starting in 2026. Two concept models were unveiled at the world premiere, Saloon and Space Hub. The new H mark was also unveiled by Honda to be used exclusively on Honda’s next-generation electric vehicles.

As part of Honda’s electrification policy and Global Brand Slogan, the Honda 0 Series is a new electric vehicle series that symbolizes Honda’s major transformation. By returning to Honda’s starting point as an automaker and creating completely new electric cars from “zero,” the series name represents Honda’s determination to take on this challenge. This new EV series aims to further advance Honda’s “M/M” concept of “man maximum, machine minimum” and “joy of driving,” both values Honda places a high value on when it comes to car making, and extend the “joy of mobility and freedom” to the next level.

These five core values will be included in Honda EVs built following this development approach and featuring a dedicated EV architecture:

  1. Resonance-provoking artistic design
  2. A driver’s comfort and safety are assured by AD/ADAS
  3. The Internet of Things and connected technology enable people to create a “space”
  4. Enjoying the joy of driving the vehicle with a sense of oneness
  5. Excellent performance in terms of electricity efficiency
  6. A Honda 0 Series vehicle will be introduced worldwide in 2026, starting with North America followed by Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America.

Introducing the new H mark

As a result of its renewal in 1981 from a previous version, the current “H mark” has a long history. A new Honda H mark, representing Honda automobiles, was designed to commemorate Honda’s development of next-generation electric vehicles. This mark represents Honda’s commitment to transformation and Honda’s corporate attitude of continually pursuing new challenges and advancements that go beyond Honda’s origin.

Like two outstretched hands, this design expression represents Honda’s commitment to enhancing mobility and serving the needs of Honda electric vehicle drivers. Honda said in a media release that it will use this new mark on next-generation EV models, including Honda 0 Series vehicles.




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