July 18, 2024

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Vibrant Gujarat: Maruti Suzuki showcases flying car, updated eVX prototype
Vibrant Gujarat: Maruti Suzuki showcases flying car, updated eVX prototype

Vibrant Gujarat: Maruti Suzuki showcases flying car, updated eVX prototype

Suzuki has revealed an updated prototype of its electric SUV, the eVX

A new prototype of the Maruti Suzuki eVX concept was showcased at Vibrant Gujarat this year, which made its debut at the Auto Expo 2023 in February last year and was presented again at the Japan Mobility Show in late 2023, however this time, it is an updated model. There’s something even more interesting about the event, too, as it shows that the automaker will launch a flying car service in India by putting on a demonstration of its concept of flying cars.

An all-electric SUV is envisioned for release later this year as part of the eVX project. In comparison to the previous prototype displayed at Auto Expo 2023, the latest prototype features several subtle updates. Maruti Suzuki’s production-spec eVX will have a length of 4,300mm, which is approximately the same as that of its Grand Vitara SUV. Also, the latest prototype suggests the car is on its way to production, retaining a similar design to its original concept.

To achieve a wheelbase of around 2,700 mm, the eVX will use a new dedicated electric vehicle architecture, which makes the SUV one of the most spacious Maruti Suzuki SUVs on the market.

Since it will be the first all-electric car made by the manufacturer in its history, it will become a key part of the brand’s overall product strategy in the future. Using a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the Maruti Suzuki eVX could cover around 550 kilometers on a single charge, based on its claimed range of 550 kilometers. This would be the first vehicle to carry the new name.

Service for flying cars is on the way

It has been announced that the automaker is collaborating with the Japanese startup SkyDrive on a project that aims to launch a flying car market in India with the creation of ‘Skycar’, a multi-rotor aircraft that will serve as a flying car in the country. Designed to meet the needs of urban areas where airports are challenging to build, the Skycar concept envisions the creation of a flying taxi service that is entirely electric. Skycars are designed to take off and land on the roofs of buildings, and the prototype has shown that this is possible.




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