February 06, 2023

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Hindustan Roads will become ‘Hyundai’stan soon

Hindustan Roads will become ‘Hyundai’stan soon

With the huge success of Kona Electric SUV, Hyundai is on cloud nine and now planning to expand its greener footsteps by launching most of its new Eco-friendly models all over the India by 2035. By seeing its confidence and the excitement, we can undoubtedly say that Hindustan Roads will become ‘Hyundai’stan soon.  

Hindustan Roads will become ‘Hyundai’stan soon

Hyundai Motor India, India’s second- largest car maker, today announced that it is planning to expand its portfolio of green mobility in India.  Currently, only Kona Electric SUV is there in its portfolio. Kona EV has successfully proved its mettle and occupied a firm stable place in the growing EV industry in India.  

Now the company is very keen on taking another step in bringing in more green cars to the country. Hyundai today announced that it is evaluating the viability of bringing fuel cell electric vehicles for India.

Hindustan Roads will become ‘Hyundai’stan soon
Hindustan Roads will become ‘Hyundai’stan soon


Also, on yesterday, Hyundai unveiled ‘Strategy 2025’ which outlined the roadmap that briefly describes how the company will provide smart mobility solutions. By 2025, the company aims to sell 670,000 electric vehicles annually, comprising 560,000 BEVs and 110,000 fuel-cell electric vehicles in the key markets such as Korea, US, China, Europe, along with emerging markets such as India and Brazil following suit by 2035.


Besides testing other technologies, Hyundai is also planning to launch hydrogen-powered cars in India. Already, in September 2018, Hyundai announced it plans to launch the Nexo, the fuel cell vehicle soon in India. However, the launch date is not revealed yet. But based on the latest announcements of the company and the feasibility study the industry pundits are speculating that Nexo will come to India, next year.


You can read the full review of Hyundai Nexo here.


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