January 28, 2021

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Haryana inaugurates first electric charging station

Haryana electric charging station

Haryana inaugurates first electric charging station

Haryana has got its first EV charging station in the state was inaugurated at Panchkula on Monday by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas Secretary Tarun Kapoor. With this electric charging station, free charging facility is available and is provided to all types of electric vehicles.

Haryana Electric charging station

If there will be sufficient Electric charging stations then more people will be able to use such vehicles. He also said that petrol and diesel have to be imported from outside but we have enough solar power. The efforts have been made to install e-charging stations in India so that more people can charge their vehicles without facing any problems and it will remove the charging anxiety from the people.

Additional Chief Secretary, New and Renewable Energy Department, T C Gupta said Haryana is the first state in India to conserve renewable energy.

The department during the year 2021 will hire only electric vehicles. The department has been decided to install e-charging stations at 500 places in the state so that there is a charging station every three kilometres and national highways will also be included.

Tata Motors has partnered with the Haryana Renewable Agency to deploy its electric car Nexon EV in Haryana as a part of its tender with the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL).

In July 2020, EESL floated the tender to procure 250 electric cars. Tata Motors and Hyundai Motors won the tender to supply 150 Nexon EV and 100 Kona electric sports utility vehicles.

A few months before a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), has been signed between eMatrixmile India Pvt Ltd and Magenta EV Solutions Private Limited for installation and commissioning of ‘QYK POD’ charging stations with associated infrastructure & stations in Mumbai, MMR and Maharashtra region.

The alliance comes in the framework to install around 10,000 electric charging stations across India in sustained phases. Aiming to create greater synergy between the two organizations and to provide electric charging infrastructure initially in the Mumbai, MMR and Maharashtra region and later on a nationwide level.

To promote electric vehicles in the State the government decided to set up 400 charging stations in Andhra Pradesh. The government also wants to consider a proposal to study the real-time performance impact of electric two-wheelers to ward and village secretariat staff.

It also aims to set up testing facilities for vehicles and components and intelligence testing tracks for electric vehicles with an investment of Rs 250 crore.

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