June 08, 2023

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Gulf Oil launches e-fluids for hybrid & electric cars in India

Gulf Oil launches e-fluids

Gulf Oil launches e-fluids for hybrid & electric cars in India

Gulf Oil Lubricants India has announced the launch of its e-fluids for hybrid and electric passenger vehicles in India. These products are already there in the international markets including Europe, the Middle East and China earlier this year and now the company is launching them in the Indian market. Read further to know more about Gulf Oil launches e-fluids. 

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd (GOLIL) range of e-fluids for hybrid and electric passenger cars will be for the domestic market. The company’s products help to expand the battery life, improve fuel economy and to reduce carbon emissions. Gulf eLEC Driveline Fluid is used for various applications such as wet/dry, single- and multi-speed transmissions in rear axles and transaxles of electric cars.

Gulf Oil Lubricants India MD and CEO, Ravi Chawla said that “There are a change in demand in the automotive industry over the past few years due to constant evolution, technological disruption and policy reforms. Hence, the consequent development in EV space is evident and is foreseen to grow at a fast pace. Gulf Oil has always been at the forefront of superior technology and ever-evolving innovations to produce world-class products to cater to the growing and changing demands of customers. We, at Gulf, are focused to build accessible solutions to help build a sustainable future of mobility. We will soon be engaging with OEMs across various segments with our range of product offerings.”

David Hall, Vice President of Research and Technology, Gulf Oil International said, “Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) require lubricant type fluids, in fact, they require very special fluids and that’s what we have developed at Gulf. EV transmission operates at higher speeds and temperatures than transmission in a conventional vehicle. These transmissions contain embedded electrical and electronic components such as E-motors and power electronics which needs to be cooled and protected,”

“It contains sealing and coating materials that need to be maintained. The fluids exhibit cooling and high electrical resistance properties in order to prevent breakdown. E-fluids are a fine balancing act of chemistry and physics. We, at Gulf, are proud to introduce this product technology in India, which is a major market for OEMs and electric vehicles.”

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