September 23, 2023

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GM Hummer electric SUV

GM Hummer electric SUV

American auto major General Motors reveals the SUV version of electric Hummer. At the moment, we have few specifications about this electric SUV which are General Motors estimates. This electric SUV still has tough looks just like its IC version instead of a high-tech appearance which is common in most of the upcoming electric SUVs. This gives us the curiosity to know about all the information available about GM Hummer electric SUV.

About Hummer 

Hummer is a vehicle with an intimidating presence and capabilities that are a match for its looks. In 2008, GM acquired the original IC Hummer brand. With few issues in General Motors, the automaker stopped production of these vehicles after 2010. With increasing competition from Auto majors and upcoming electric vehicle startups, GM prepares to deploy Electric versions of Hummers in the market. They already showcased their pickup Truck and now they revealed this SUV version.


  • The crabwalk feature is also available in this SUV which can make the vehicle move diagonally in both directions by turning its wheels up to 10°.
  • The EXTRACT feature in this SUV can raise the vehicle up to 6″ which supports the offroading abilities of this electric SUV.
  • The bottom of this SUV has steel panels that protect the battery pack and differential mechanism of this Hummer.
  • The Ultravision in this SUV comes with seventeen cameras on SUV including waterproof underbody forward-and-rear-facing cameras for real-time views. Also, there is a washer function and replaceable lens protectors for clear vision.
  • The Infinity Roof of this SUV has 4 transparent Panels which are removable
  • According to General motors estimates, the electric SUV can offer a range of 480 km.
  • The electric SUV has 830HP and it can accelerate from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds as per the estimates.

The electric hummer SUV is available in four variants which are EV2, EV2X, EV3X and EV edition 1.

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