October 04, 2023

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Free charging ends on Ather Grid

Free charging ends on Ather Grid

Ather’s new collaboration with BPCL

We have already informed you that Ather Energy, one of India’s best leading manufacturers, is collaborating with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL).

BPCL is working with Ather Energy to expand its chain in the domestic electric vehicle sector. This partnership is expected to help expand the largest electric vehicle charging station network in India.

There are more than 21,000 service stations in the country operated by BPCL. Thanks to this partnership, Ather Energy will be able to access the BPCL network easily and conveniently. In addition, this project will allow the installation of a fast-charging network. According to the company, this partnership will accelerate its growth and position in the electric vehicle industry, giving it a stronger lead over its competitors. 

By entering into a partnership with BPCL, Ather is taking another step forward by expanding its service and charging network across the country. Ather Grind ends free payments and introduces Rs.1/min + GST ​​fees from August 1st.

The charging points of Ather Grid will now be charging for their services rather than providing free charging to everyone.

Since 2018, Ather has been promoting the use of electric vehicles by keeping its Ather Grid network freely accessible to everyone. The company believes that public charging plays a central role in encouraging the use of electric vehicles. However, as the user base has grown, the free charging base has led to overcrowding at charging points, especially when drivers are plugged in for long periods.

Ather now aims to solve this problem by introducing a paid deposit system. The Ather Grid is primarily designed to provide fast charging for on-the-go vehicles. By rolling out the chargeable model, the company hopes to ensure owners only charge their scooters for as long as needed, freeing up chargers for those who need them.

Despite this change, there will be some exceptions to the new pricing structure. Owners of Ather 450 models (Gen 1 and Gen 1.5) will continue to enjoy free charging access to Ather Grid points. Additionally, those who purchased their scooters during the Ather Electric period in December 2022 will still receive free charging for the duration of the offer.


At a new Rs.1/min + GST ​​charge, charging around 80% can cost you around Rs. 100 or more. By comparison, charging your scooter at home will only cost around Rs.20. So choosing the Ather Grid might make more sense when you’re out of range and need to recharge quickly. While Ather justified the introduction of chargeable charging for better service and accessibility, some concerns arose about the soaring prices of e-scooters due to reduced subsidies. Experts wonder if the move could pose a challenge to electric vehicle companies trying to sell their products and potentially slow the overall adoption of electric vehicles across the country.  




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