June 15, 2024

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Ferox Azaris’s Advanced off road Electric Vehicle Review

Ferox Azaris's Advanced off road Electric Vehicle

The world’s most advanced vehicle- Azaris, with its six wheels fully operating prototype. unbound with the classic link between the wheels, drivetrain, and chassis gives the extreme capability of the ground. The Azaris feature and design bring life to the transport.


In-Wheel Motor:

It has four rear in-wheel motors and a fluid system which is light, quiet and quick responsive
They are more efficient broad speed range in contrast to the various categories of traditional hydraulic motors. In-wheel motors free the wheels making its character a unique


The rocker suspension is connected to rear wheels which provides the power to navigate the terrain.
The fluid power is supplied through the internal channeling to the connected wheel motors.

DNA Arms:

It is a unique structure, which holds the rocker suspension inspired by flowing water and the double helix.
Its structure is strong, light, adaptable and suitable for the 3D printing advancements in the coming days.

Power source:

configuration can be done by the combustion engine or an electric motor which is connected to a fluid pump runs the in-wheel motors. Ferox fluid is used to transfer the power from an electric motor and from motors to the wheels. Size and specifications of the power source can be customized in particular applications depending on the drive.

Coaxial Piping & Connectors:

It uses the coaxial system where high-pressure pipes are covered with low-pressure pipes for safety, cooling purposes and to control fluid precisely. It also has a unique feature of the 3D print of fluid channels within a vehicle structure.


Pumps help the Azaris to transfer the mechanical power into fluid power to drive the in-wheel motors.
Upto 98% pump provides smoothly and continuously power to the wheels. As the efficiency is high extra fluid reservoir is removed or reduced making the operating system cooler.


Future opportunities:

Azaris gives an opportunity to explore more flexible and defined wheels in the future. Azaris can be driven in places such as terrain, rural landscapes, and tactical environments.An example for the firefox technology when liberating the wheel.

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