June 23, 2024

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Chile Becomes Second largest Electric Vehicles producer after China

Chile Becomes Second largest Electric Vehicles producer after China

Chile will be the next to produce Electric vehicles after China nation which has a huge number of electric buses in the world. The first 100 electric buses, manufactured by Chinese firm BYD Electronic International will bring massive change in their public transport systems.

This had been done to avoid the smog problems which emanates by the vehicles. Chile is the world’s largest copper producer and second largest producer of lithium, which is an essential component in EV batteries. By 2022 Chiles aims to increase ten times of EVs.

It has 40 public charging stations out of them, half of them are in Santiago. It focuses on the reduction in noise and air pollution lowering the fuel cost. The functioning and maintenance of EVs are 70 percent less than the gasoline engine.

385,000 electric buses released on the roads worldwide last year, among them 99 percent are in China. Another 100 buses will be added to the Santiago fleet are being financed by French energy generation firm Engie Energia Chile and manufactured by China’s Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Company.

Mexico is planned to introduced 300-500 electric buses and Chile Government encouraging the mining industry which is a great step towards an eco-friendly atmosphere.

97% of Mechanics can’t work on Electric Vehicles

As Electric Vehicles are increasing day by day, when it comes to vehicles maintenance becomes an important factor. To your surprise, 97 percent auto Mechanics Can’t Work on Electric Cars only 3 percent are qualified, revealed by UK’s Institute of the Motor Industry.

If you do not have qualified techs than you will have a problem, for EV buyer, lack of techs can keep your vehicle off. So the techs have time to get qualified until the proposed time, 2040.

Auto mechanic Craig Van Battenberg told the Chicago Tribune last year, he believes, was propelled by early rumors of technicians being electrocuted by electric vehicles. “Ninety percent of our industry has done nothing absolutely nothing to prepare. They just turn the hybrids and EVs away and say, ‘We don’t work on those cars, go back to Ford or Toyota.’ The fear factor is huge.”

In coming years is automotive repair business will shut or will the mechanics finds some other way to make their livelihood.

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