June 23, 2024

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Farmer Ditched Petrol Scooter Buys Electric Scooter To Save Money

Farmer Ditched Petrol Scooter Buys Electric Scooter

With the fuel price rising every day, it’s very difficult for common people to commute from one place to another. A farmer, Vinod Gore, in Gove village from Maharashtra, Ditched Petrol Scooter Buys Electric Scooter To Save Money.

Electric Vehicle (EV), are becoming popular day-by-day, with its popularity and growth of EV market all over the world, many people are attracted to EVs for its quiet, high speed and eco-friendly features. There has been a lot of innovation happening in the EV market. The cost of maintaining the EVs is less when compared to other conventional vehicles.

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A Farmer Buys Okinawa, Electric Scooter To Save Money

Gore, the farmer Ditched Petrol Scooter and Buys Electric Scooter To Save Money, he bought Okinawa, the electric scooter by the Indian start-up which runs 100-120 km on a single charge costing the farmer less than 10% of the Rs 150, he would have spent on fuel for traveling the same distance so he Ditched Petrol Scooter Buys Electric Scooter To Save Money.

He bought the bike in 75,000 and thinks he recovers the amount in two-three years that he would have spent on petrol and maintenance, he says “I bought it to save money.” He Ditched Petrol Scooter Buys Electric Scooter To Save Money

PM Narendra Modi’s Government Electric Vehicle Target By 2030

PM, Narendra Modi’s government had set a target of EV up to 30% sales of cars and two-wheelers by 2030. Due to the lack of charging infrastructure, high-cost batteries and no clear policy for the local manufacturing and sales of EVs, there is nothing such as of now.

India, a huge market for two-wheelers-scooters and motorcycles with 19 million sales in the year ended March 31, 2018, which is six times more than the car sales in the same year. The next is the Chinese market with annual motorcycle sales of about 17 million in 2017.

Know about Ev Policy

In 2017, India’s federal economic policy which suggests the electrification of all new vehicles by 2030 by providing subsidies to buyers. The main motto of the draft Delhi EV policy 2018 is to fight against pollution in the capital city of India. Electric two-wheeler taxi concept was an innovative step from the Delhi government in the EV policy. Giving more importance for setting up charging infrastructure and creating job opportunities in the EV sector are some of the key points in the EV policy agenda.

Comments Of The Head Of The Electric Scooter’s Companies

“A policy or incentive to help manufacturers of cars or two-wheelers will go a long way in making electric mobility more affordable than subsidizing individual buyers,” said Kaushik Madhavan, vice president, mobility at consultant Frost and Sullivan.

“India’s electric revolution will be led by two-wheelers. It is a value for money equation,” said Sohinder Gill, global chief executive officer at Hero Electric, the country’s top-selling e-scooter.

Yasuo Ishihara, managing director of the Yamaha manufacturer’s India unit said, “Right now the need of the hour is a proper roadmap and a clear policy by the government of India to actually turn this ambition into reality.”

Ravneet Phokela, a chief business officer at Ather said, “There is a line of sight now,”  “There has never been a better time to be in this business than now.” 

Upcoming Companies To Launch Electric Two-Wheelers In Indian Market

It would open the doors to the new global companies such as Japan’s Yamaha Motor and Suzuki Motor who are planning to launch electric two-wheeler in the country.

Yamaha, to develop electric two-wheeler market globally in the next 3 to 5 years.

Okinawa and Ather both are planning for the expansion of their production facilities, Okinawa had already set up its plant in North India and planning for the new one, whereas Ather is in search to set up its second plant.

Sales Of Electric Scooters Crosses 2 Million Per Year By 2030

By 2030, sales of electric scooters are expected to cross 2 million a year, even as most car makers deny to bring electric cars to India.

In fiscal 2017-18, sales more Sales was doubled to 54,800 compared with last year and car sales went down to 1,200 from 2,000 in the same period of time.

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