May 28, 2024

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EVs startup of the week-E-Trio Automobiles

EVs startup of the week-E-Trio Automobiles

India’s first certified EV retrofitting company

E-Trio is Hyderabad based, India’s first certified electric vehicles (EV) retrofitting company. It converts conventional cars to eco-friendly ones. It is the first startup to get the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and ICAT approval certifications for converting the sedan and LCVs. Let us discuss about EVs startup of the week-E-Trio Automobiles. 

It develops engineering design tools and manufacturing methods to transform convention internal combustion engine-based vehicles into the electric vehicle (EV’s).

EVs startup of the week-E-Trio Automobiles

E-Trio was founded in 2016 by Sathya Yalamanchilli. He chooses to focus on conversion methods from ICE to Electric, it is far better than manufacturing expensive electric vehicles. This way the price issue is also solved and also helps in the growth of electric vehicles among the existing vehicles owners.

Sathya’s visit to China, the growth of electric vehicles in the country inspired him to foray into the mobility segment and provide solutions to the Indians in the smartest and affordable way.

EVs startup of the week-E-Trio Automobiles

“Trying to build an electric car company is not that easy. It requires a lot of time and money. This is a smarter way to enter the industry. At a time when India is slowly moving towards e-mobility, retrofitting existing cars is a smarter route,” said Yalamanchili.

The startup started off with a vision to create e-mobility which leads to decarbonizing India and to accelerate the sustainable mobility paradigm in India through innovative approaches.

The company’s facility is at Bolaram which is of an area of 60,000 sq ft which will be enough to make 1,000 cars every month. Converting a pure petrol or diesel car normally takes around 24-36 hours. All the internal combustion parts will be changed like engine, radiator, gearbox, and silencer.

E-Trio Automobiles electric kits

e-Trio have electric kits that have two different range options such as 150 and 180. 

EV 150 is equipped with advanced intelligent controllers for a silent and zero-emissions drive. The battery-powered electric kit is designed and engineered with top-notch technology to provide better commuting experiences

Specifications of EV-150

  • Battery Technology-150 km
  • Battery capacity- lithium iron phosphate (lifepo 4) battery with smart BMS
  • Battery capacity-17.28kWh.
  • Motor Power-10kW
  • Motor Construction-3phase AC
  • charger- AC onboard 3.3kw charger
  • Gearbox- Gearless
  • Top Speed-80kmph 

EV 180 is equipped with an intelligent driving system delivering a smooth ride. The EV-180 has some more power and range than EV-150. This is best suitable for sedans.


Specifications of EV-180

  • Range-180 kms
  • Battery Technology – lithium iron phosphate (lifepo 4) battery with smart BMS
  • Battery capacity-17.8kWh.
  • Motor Power-15kW
  • Motor Construction-3phase AC
  • charger- AC onboard 3.3kw charger
  • Gearbox- Gearless
  • Top Speed-80kmph

To provide the best quality products, it has created a team of battery experts with patent applications in battery cooling technologies. It not only retrofits the vehicles but also supply batteries to other companies and startups for the development of the Ecosystem in India.
With the experts and resources available, the startup is offering conversion of any category of vehicles.

It has appointed BharatMobi as a B2C channel partner to provide solutions to the EV demand of B2C EV conversions. It will work for certification for 15 more categories of vehicles in Hyderabad.

Dzire and Tata ace are most selling cars in ETS (employee transport) and logistics segments. The company has completed logistics pilots with many leading players and started production. It is also planning to lease retrofitted cars and LCVs to make it more affordable for ETS and logistics companies.

EVs startup of the week-E-Trio Automobiles

“I built several prototypes of electric cars and was keen to bring a commercial car into the Indian market. With the help of professors in China and Stanford (US), I started working on a commercial model. We have now rolled out our first batch of vehicles from our Bolaram unit,” said the E-Trio founder Sathya Yalamanchili.

For retrofitting an electric car it can cost up to Rs 3 lakh going up to Rs 5 lakh. It is most suitable for the cab drivers and cab aggregators, the vehicles will cost 90 paise per km in terms of electricity used.

They have got approval to retrofit Maruti Alto and Wagon R with the range 150km and 180 km. 

e-trio e-bike/e-bicycle

The company also have an e-bicycle. They aim to provide better electric transportation. They make e-bikes that are ultra-portable and easy to use. This e-bike is perfect for work, school or for the local places.

EVs startup of the week-E-Trio Automobiles

Specifications of e-trio e-bike/e-bicycle

  • Top speed- 25 kmph
  • Range- up to 50 miles
  • Motor- 250 watts
  • Battery- i36v, 7.8Ah
  • Charge time-4 hours
  • Brake type-disc brakes
  • Wheel size -26 inch
  • Weight -25kgs

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