July 13, 2020

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EVs Startup of the week-22Motors

EVs Startup of the week-22Motors

EVs Startup of the week-22Motors

As we all came to know that electric vehicles are the future and need of the hour, we must contribute to reducing the carbon footprints from the country. In that regard, the startups are taking wonderful initiatives to reduce the harmful emissions in the air keeping our environment clean and green. We got you a startup with similar intentions, 22Motors. So let’s discuss the EVs Startup of the week-22Motors. 

EVs Startup of the week-22Motors

The startups are contributing in India’s eco-system transition, we can see the ecosystem is made up almost all the startups in India, right from the two-wheeler manufacturing to the four-wheelers, trikes and what not.

Startups not only making innovations in making a different kind of electric vehicles in various segments, but many startups also working on creating battery technology, vehicle analytics, R&D, charging infrastructure solutions and vehicle diagnostics. The startups are focusing themselves to bring out something new, creative, innovative and eco-friendly as well.

EVs Startup of the week-22Motors

The 22Motors launched in the year 2016 and is headquartered in Gurugram. The co-founders of the startup are Parveen Kharb and Vijay Chandrawat. It is futuristic, fuel-agnostic, premium mobility company that aims to change the way urban India commutes.

22 KYMCO is a potent partnership between 22 Motors of India and KYMCO of Taiwan. 22Motors specialize in developing advanced, connected electric vehicles. It has designed iFLOW, a powerful smart scooter enabled with AI and IoT platform.

The startup aims to develop advanced connected electric vehicles to change the urban landscape and providing powerful, smart vehicles to the fast-growing technology age. Its products have been focused on artificial intelligence (AI), Lithium-ion storage, Internet of Things (IoT) including smart features which satisfies the consumers need as the best machine till now.

The company have an electric scooter, iFlow its on-road price is Rs.90,000. 

iFlow electric scooter specifications 

  • Max power-2100 Watt peak
  • Max speed-60 KMPH
  • Range-70-80
  • Acceleration-0-40KMPH in 4 sec

iFlow electric scooter features 

  • Brakes-CBS with Front and Rear Disc
  • Regenerative braking-Restore energy
  • Tyres Anti-Skid Wider Tubeless: Front-90/90 -12, Rear – 120/70 – 12
  • Hill Assist-Prevents scooter from rolling back
  • Reverse, Cruise & Drag Mode

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