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EV Project Real Life Experience by a Mechanical Student

EV Project Real Life Experience by a Mechanical Student

Many electric vehicle enthusiasts and researchers are interested to know about EV Project experiences in real life, those experiences can help others to gain knowledge as well as mentally prepare themselves to face difficulties with ease while doing research.

So, electricvehicles.in team approached Chinmaya Pradhan, a 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student from BPUT, Rourkela, Odisha. He is currently developing an electric bike on his own.

EV Project Real Life Experience by a Mechanical Student
EV Project Real Life Experience by a Mechanical Student


About Chinmaya Pradhan

Since Childhood, Chinmaya has a deep interest in different fields of Science & Engineering like Space Science, Aeronautical & Aerospace Science, Mechatronics, etc.

Later, he started developing a deep interest in EVs from Elon Musk and his Tesla Motors. In 2016, he watched the unveiling of Tork T6X by Kapil Shelke, the first Electric Motorcycle of India, by an Indian youth, which inspired him to do his own project on electric vehicles.

He started studying and researching about EVs, it’s components, how it works, it’s power, etc. Now he got to know many things about EVs but still learning as there are much more.

EV Project

Now in his 3rd Year of mechanical engineering, he is doing a solo Project on electric vehicles. Making an Electric Motorcycle in the 100cc category.

He also got plans to do many other projects in the future because it requires a big budget, like:

  • Longest Range Electric Motorcycle
  • Fastest 0-100 Self Made Electric Motorcycle
  • 1 seater mini Electric Helicopter and many more.

Electricvehicles.in interview with Chinmaya about his EV Project

Explain your EV project and what are the problems you faced during the project?

I am making a 99cc-100cc category electric motorcycle by using 48V 1000w BLDC Motor, which will give up to 50- 60kmph speed without gears. I haven’t faced any problems yet in technical areas.

ev project

What are the things you learn during this project?

Before doing the project I learned everything possible to learn, about the motor, its torque, which motor is least suitable, which is more suitable, and much more.

What kind of EV research you have done so far?

Most of the research is a study based, video-based, some practical based, and I also do the thought experiment to get some results which presently I cannot do due to lack of things.

Which parts of an Electric Bike are Expensive?

the most expensive part is the lithium-ion battery pack, then the BLDC motor then controller, rest of the parts are not expensive like meter, throttle, dc converter, wiring harness, etc

Which Parts of an EV are rare and difficult to find?

Motors and controllers which have value for the money price tag, was difficult for me to find, because most sellers are taking 2 times the price.

Your views about Electric Vehicles?

As an EV & Renewable Energy enthusiast, I too want to see every machine on Earth as eco-friendly. We have to fulfill our needs on Renewable Sources of energy so that We, our Planet and other organisms can survive.

Otherwise, if we do not act seriously now, then our future generations will face huge Geological imbalance and this Planet may become unhabitable for all living beings, and most of the living beings will face extinction including us. The Earth will heal itself within a few million years but the human species may not evolve again.

Thanks for reading! Hope you gain some knowledge on electric vehicles.

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