October 03, 2023

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EV fleet to receive 15-minute rapid charging from Magenta Mobility, Altigreen & Exponent

EV fleet to receive 15-minute rapid charging from Magenta Mobility, Altigreen & Exponent

EVs will benefit from the new partnership


Magenta Mobility, a provider of electric mobility and charging solutions, partners with energy technology start-up Exponent Energy and the leading manufacturer of electric commercial vehicles Altigreen Propulsion Labs. Altigreen’s neEV Tez powered by Exponent will be fully charged in 15 minutes. Combined with Exponent’s e^pump network, Magenta gains unprecedented power, freedom, and flexibility in last-mile logistics.  

With its integrated electric mobility solutions, Magenta is revolutionizing India’s logistics and transportation landscape. These solutions include electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, software solutions, and daily operations. This integrated approach provides customers with an end-to-end solution that enables them to gain valuable insights from their fleet while reaping the benefits of greener, more efficient operations. Magenta has now expanded its expertise in supporting companies and conglomerates in various sectors such as e-commerce, quick commerce, food, pharmaceuticals, and parcel delivery across nine cities to effectively address last-mile and mobility challenges.


Magenta leverages Altigreen’s expertise in developing and marketing high-performance electric vehicles with unrivaled specifications, unrivaled telematics, and maximum capacitive charging capacity, along with Exponent’s 15-minute fast-charging technology to maximize efficiency. We plan to enable extensive cross-use and significantly reduce operating costs. For businesses across India.  


Mr. Maxson Lewis


According to Maxson Lewis, Founder and CEO of Magenta Mobility, this partnership with Exponent and Altigreen has set a high quality standard for efficiency and convenience in last-mile logistics. Fast charging in 15 minutes allows fleets to be shared with each other, saving companies time and reducing operating costs. This partnership is an example of the company’s commitment to electrifying and decarbonizing logistics in India by providing innovative and sustainable e-mobility solutions. Together they pave the way for a greener and cleaner future. After completing a three-month pilot, Magenta, Altigreen and Exponent have stepped up their partnership. Within the next 12 months, they plan to use 1000 Altigreen neEV Tez with Exponent. To support the fleet, Exponent has installed 30 electric pumps across Bangalore. Various locations have been identified and electronic charging stations will be installed in other cities. This is so electric vehicles can be conveniently charged on the go.


Mr. Amitabh-Saran


Dr. Amitabh Saran, Founder and CEO of Altigreen, said it is proud to partner with two big names in the electric vehicle industry. Together, the two companies are pushing electric vehicle use boundaries. Altigreen’s neEV Tez shows that electric vehicles are not only economical compared to fossil fuels, but can produce significantly higher yields in just 20 hours of use. Altigreen’s pan-India EV-only dealer network will introduce neEV Tez, operated by Exponent, into Magenta deployments across India.  


Mr. Arun Vinayak

“Utilization rates are the key to sustainable last-mile logistics growth,” said Arun Vinayak, co-founder and CEO of Exponent Energy. A perfect complement to Magenta’s platform and infrastructure last mile division is the electric pump network, which revolutionizes the business. They have built a long-standing relationship with Altigreen based on a shared belief in creating the most efficient electric vehicles for their users. They are excited to work with Magenta to deploy the vehicle at scale, strategically integrating an electric pump into the hub to double its productivity and ensure smooth operations.  



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