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EV Entrepreneurship Programme in SCET College,NARSAPUR

EV Entrepreneurship Programme in SCET College,NARSAPUR

Last week I visited Swarnandhra college of engineering & technology (autonomous) as a guest speaker, for EV entrepreneurship programme on the topic “Future of Electric Vehicles“.

The audience of the programme is EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) students from 1st-year to final year.


EV Entrepreneurship Programme - Mr. Sarath Muthyala Speech
Speaker – Mr. Sarath Muthyala – Incharge of Entrepreneurship Development Cell
EV Entrepreneurship Programme - EEE department HOD Speech
Speaker – Dr.V.Moorthy, M.Tech, Ph.D. Professor & Head of the Department of EEE
EV Entrepreneurship Programme - SCET College Prinipal
EV Entrepreneurship Programme -Speaker- Dr.S.Suresh Kumar, B.E, M.S, M. Tech., Ph.D

My special thanks to Mr. Sarath Muthyala for Inviting and giving me the opportunity to share the knowlegde about the present and future scope (Electirc Vehicles).


Mr. Muthyala is doing some great efforts in motivating students of SCET college and pushing them to think like entrepreneurs.

EV Entrepreneurship Programme – SCET COLLEGE

EV Entrepreneurship Programme
EV Entrepreneurship Programme- Welcome bouquet from a EEE final year student.

The main motto of this event is to create awareness about entrepreneurship and convey the importance of electric vehicle future market in India.

The Morning session was taken for the final year students and the afternoon session was for 1st to 3rd-year students.

EV Entrepreneurship Programme

EV Entrepreneurship Programme - Interating with Students
EV Entrepreneurship Programme – Lecture on Future of EV

During the session, I started by interacting with the students and asked the final year students that “How many of you know about electric vehicle schemes and policies in India?


Surprisingly! most of the students don’t have an idea about electric vehicle schemes and policies in India.

Only a few students know that electric vehicles don’t require registration and license. So during my speech, mostly I focused on the importance of an electric vehicle and the savings of electric vehicle,FAME India schemes, and electric vehicle policies.

Elaborating on my explanation, later I also explained to them about the electric vehicles startups in India and job opportunities in Electric vehicle sector.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities discussed during the EV Entrepreneurship Programme

Some of the entrepreneurship opportunities in the electric vehicle manufacturing sector were summarised below:

  • Electric vehicle controllers and Motors
  • Designing high-value Resistors and capacitors
  • Lithium-Ion battery Manufacturing

An interesting thing happened in the EV entrepreneurship programme

During the session with 1st to 3rd-year  EEE students, I gave them a task to guess the speed and range of an electric vehicle.

Below are the expected figures by the students:

While taking an average of all the 37 students’ data, the values are very close to reality

  • Speed 93.3 km
  • Range -106 km

During the session the Questions were asked by the students:

(Followed by My answers) 

1) What should I do if my electric Scooter battery gets discharged while traveling?

You can use a public electric vehicle charger, maybe in rural areas the charging infrastructure is not developed.

 In major cities in India like Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chennai the basic charging infrastructure is good enough to charge in emergency cases.

But, usually for a 50km of travel, no charge is required as the battery can give enough range.

2) How much time required to charge an Electric Scooter?

6- 8 hours, but using with a fast charger it can be charged below one hour.

3) What happens if the high load applied on an electric vehicle?

The answer was given by MR. Sarath Muthyala stating ” Electric vehicles go under multiple quality checkups before going into production, so students don’t need to worry for that”.

About SCET College Seetharampuram, Naraspur

Swarnandhra college of engineering & technology(SCET) was established in the year 2001 at Seetharampuram, Narsapur, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.

The college offering courses for students in various branches like ECE, EEE, CIVIL, MECH, CSE, IT.

My View on EV Entrepreneurship Programme

Overall, it was a great experience addressing the EEE students of SCET college, Seetharampuram, Naraspur.

I came to understand that there must be a need to create a lot of electric vehicle technology awareness among the students as they are the future hope for making the country emission-free and technological developed country.

If a sufficient amount of awareness and guidance is given to the students on EV Platform, students can be seen as entrepreneurs in the next 5 years.

All are bright students, what they need is a hand of support and a voice of vision for the future market in every sector.

As my suggestion, the government can invest in engineering students for the development of their theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and training must be provided to the engineers, by providing them with the necessary requirements.


Thanks for reading, hope this article helped you in gaining some knowledge.

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