June 14, 2024

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Electric Airplane Of Eviation -Siemens Supplies Motors

Electric Airplane

Electric Vehicles can be seen everywhere today on roads, racing tracks, tourists places, in extreme cold (Antartica), electric trains, as public transportation and for private travelling purposes, but now electric vehicles will also fly high up in the air. It has also reached to aviation Electric Airplane.


Siemens to supply Motors for Eviation’s All-Electric Airplanes.

One of the world’s largest engineering company, Siemens to supply Motors for All-Electric Airplanes. It is an Israeli electric-plane start-up planning to fly a battery-powered passenger airplane. It designed its first electric airplane known as “Alice” which can carry nine passengers regionally. The company planning to launch it at the Paris Air Show in July and fly later this year.


Electric Airplane
Electric Airplane

“By utilizing Siemens’ advanced motor technology, Alice is further established as a front-runner for high-performing zero-emission electric aviation,” Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay said in a statement. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Siemens to develop the first fully operational all-electric regional commuter.

The biggest challenge for electric-powered flight is to manufacture a battery which can give enough battery pack. Eviation needed $200 million to bring Alice to the market.


Electric Airplane Alice Is Low-Weight And High-power Compact

“Siemens was selected for its leading development in extremely low-weight and high-power compact efficient motors designed to meet aviation standards and safety regulations,” Eviation said.

Electric Airplane
Electric Airplane

Eviation And Siemens Jointly Develop Propulsion System For Alice

Israeli startup Eviation Aircraft and Siemens will jointly develop a propulsion system for the Alice. Siemens will supply high powered electric motors which will be in low weight and its first test will be done later this year at Eviation’s U.S. headquarters in Prescott, Arizona.

“With a significant push toward bringing all-electric flight to regional markets, Siemens and Eviation will work on propulsion-system integration, including electrical integration, fly-by-wire system connectivity, thermal-management system development, and mechanical mounting.”

Electric Airplane
Electric Airplane

Specifications Of Electric Airplane ‘Alice’


Alice will provide a speed of 220 knots (253 miles per hour) up to 650 miles on a single charge with the lithium-ion battery pack of about 900-kilowatt-hour. With the maximum takeoff weight of 14,000 pounds. It uses the 260 kW electric motors powered one at the main pusher propeller at the tail and the second pusher propellors at the wingtips.

Other Competitors to launch  All-Electric Airplanes

  • Los Angeles-based startup Wright Electric also wants to test a 9 seat-all electric plane this year.
  • SE-Fan X hybrid-electric demonstration plane in 2020 by Airbus and Rolls-Royce.
  • The Bothell, Washington-based startup Zunum Aero, whose backers include Boeing and JetBlue, plans to deliver a “hybrid to electric” 12-passenger regional commuter plane in 2022.

Siemens head of e-Aircraft Dr. Fran Alton said the partnership “will serve as an industry milestone to demonstrate information exchange and system adaptations to create the first all-electric solution.”

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