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Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Andhra Pradesh

Electric Vehicle Market Condition

Electric Vehicle market is growing rapidly in the country due to its Eco-friendly nature and Cost-effective features. The growth of the Electric Vehicles (EV) market and adoption in Andhra Pradesh state, India. Andhra Pradesh is one of the early government to promote e-mobility in India. Let’s have a look at the Electric Vehicle Market Condition.

This article helps EV manufacturers, Entrepreneurs, Dealers, and researchers to know about the electric vehicle market condition in Andhra Pradesh.


 Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Andhra Pradesh

Electric Vehicles market is developing in India rapidly but to know the exact EV market some factors need to be included such as Government support, Policies, awareness, achievements, dealers, and sales report.

Andhra Pradesh EV Policy 2018-23 to Support Eco-Friendly Mobility

AP Government Electric Mobility Policy Highlights- 

  • 60,000 employment opportunities
  • Battery manufacturing units in Amaravati
  • 30,000 crores investment by 2030
  • 10 GWh advanced battery manufacturing units

Andhra Pradesh Government Dedication For Electric Vehicle Adoption

  • 10% subsidy for the two electric car manufacturing firms.
  • Stamp duty and GST reimbursements on purchase or lease of land in Amaravathi.
  • No registration fee on Electric vehicles.
  • Development of EV manufacturing hubs.
  • 10 lakh electric vehicles on roads in the next 5 years, includes private and public transport vehicles.
  • All the government buses, commercial vehicles will be made electric by 2024 in the state.
  • To provide 60,000 jobs to youth in the state and reaching a target of 30,000 crores investments by 2024, R&D grant of ₹ 500 crores for EVs.
  • 10,000 government vehicles will convert into electric vehicles by Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL) company.
  • The launch of two electric cars- Toyota Camry hybrid, Toyota PHV hybrid manufactured by Toyota.
  • As part of the partnership with Toyota for electric mobility in Andhra Pradesh.
  • The target of attracting Rs 30,000-crore investment in promoting electric vehicles within the next 5 years by giving business incentives to carmakers, battery makers, charging infrastructure firms and customers.
  • Aiming to open 50 electric vehicles charging stations and also introducing 1,000 to 15,000 EVs in the state in developed cities like Vijayawada, Guntur, Visakhapatnam, and Tirupati.
  • Subsidies for college students and employees on the purchase of electric bikes.
  • procurement of  7,500 electric three-wheelers by 30 January 2019.
  • Transform Amaravati into fully electric mobility by 2030 by banning Fuel vehicles. in coming days in Andhra Pradesh.
  • 100% electric mobility by introducing a new law to support EV by 2024.
  • Special Tariff plans on electric vehicles and plans to setup Hydrogen refilling stations all over the main cities.
  • The new car registrations with an internal combustion engine (ICE) will be stopped in coming days for the support of EV.
  • The government vehicles, Government Corporation, boards, and government ambulances will also be converted to electric vehicles by 2024.
  • 25 per subsidy up to ₹ 10 crores, on fixed capital investment for the first 10 hydrogen generation and fuelling plants.



Andhra Pradesh Government Support for Electric Vehicle

  • An agreement with Triton Solar company to set up a solar manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh to drive electric mobility with ease.
  • Amaravati’s first electric bus has launched by Megha Engineering Infrastructure Limited(MEIL).
  • APEPDCL ordered 45 electric vehicles from EESL as an initiative to support electric vehicles by utilizing electric cars in government offices.
  • Exicom Wins APEPDCL Tender for Development of Charging Infrastructure, it will maintain charging stations, its repairs for 5 years.
  • KIA Motors India, Kookhyun Shim signed an MoU towards future mobility partnership, KIA Motors invested 1.6 Billion USD for its first Electric Vehicles manufacturing Unit in Anantapur.
  • Kia Motors launch new plant Korean automobile made trials of its first flagship SP2i sports utility vehicle (SUV) at Anantapuramu, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • APSRTC into electric, current, there are about 11,000 buses in APSRTC.
  • 100 EV charging stations in Amaravati, 5 charging stations in Amaravati, 25 in Krishna and Guntur and 100 charging stations all over the state by AVERA Electric vehicles company

Andhra Pradesh Government Charging Infrastructure Adoption

  • Installation of 1 lakh slow and fast EV charging stations by 2024.
  • The launch of 15 charging stations in various regions in Visakhapatnam, some of them are Dondaparthy Subdivision, Walteru Subdivision, Town Distribution Subdivision etc.
  • The charging stations in GHMC offices, Railway stations, RTC complex, shopping malls.
  • 50 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Vizag.
  • 100 EV charging station installation in A.P, the number will be increased in the coming days.
  •  One lakh fast and slow charging stations by 2024, 20% discount on the first 2 units consumption of charging units. The subsidy is almost 10 crores For mega units, the capital subsidy will be around 20 crores.
  • The Charging stations will be set up in APSRTC depots, Bus terminals, Bustops.
  • Incentives up to Rs 10 lakh for the first 50 battery swapping stations, and 100 percent reimbursement of state GST on the purchase of fast chargers and advanced batteries for EV battery swapping.
  • 25% subsidy charging station equipment and machinery of Rs.10 lakh for 100V and above chargers, for the first 100 stations and ₹ 30,000 for charges that are less than 100V, for the first 300 charging stations.

Electric Vehicle Awareness Programmes in Andhra Pradesh

  • The International Conference on Green Energy Technologies held in Amaravati to promote the green energy with concern for the economic, environmental and Social fabric of smart cities by connecting the academic community (faculty, and research students), practitioners, and policymakers.
  • Skill development programmes to take the electric movement to all over the state and providing 10 thousand rupees in subsidies on training.
  • Andhra Pradesh Energy Innovation Summit 2019, in Vijayawada for two days with the aim of a zero-cost supply of energy to the consumer is achieved.

Electric Vehicle Dealers in Andhra Pradesh

There are almost 20+ electric vehicle dealers in India, as India leads in two-wheelers and three-wheelers market many dealers are two and three-wheelers. Some of the EV dealers are Ved Motors, Hero electrics, Ampere electric, Okinawa Electric scooters, etc.

Let us now look into some statics of Electric Vehicle Market Condition. 



Electric Vehicle Market Condition Of Andhra Pradesh As Of 23rd February

Wheeler Type Andhra Pradesh(Model) Total
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L1 & L2 as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR)) 431
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L2 (CMVR)) 875
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Max power not exceeding 250 Watts) 4689
4 Wheelers Passenger Cars (Category M1 as per CMVR) 3680
Total 9675


Electric Vehicle Market Condition
Electric Vehicle Market Condition

According to FAME INDIA reports as of 23rd February 2019,

  • 2 Wheelers (Category L1 & L2 as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR))- 431
  • 2 Wheelers (Category L2 (CMVR))-875
  • 2 Wheelers (Max power not exceeding 250 Watts)- 4689
  • 4 Wheelers Passenger Cars (Category M1 as per CMVR)- 3680
  • Total number of electric vehicles in the state- 9675


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