March 02, 2024

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EV Enthusiast Opinion-Deepan kumarasamy a Business Analyst

EV Enthusiast Opinion

We see there is a lot of electric vehicles evolution happening each and every day in India and around the world. It seems we are not far away to achieve our goals of transforming electric vehicles at least to 30%.

EV Enthusiast Opinion-Deepan kumarasamy a Business Analyst

Deepan is an EV Enthusiast, a Business Analyst and has eleven years of experience in the field of IT and wants to do business in the EV industry specifically in the EV spares and sales area, if not possible at least he wants to hold a position in the EV industry as he wants to contribute his part towards the environment is his goal for life he said. 

When asked he said, he is “EV Enthusiast from the past 2 years and also environment enthusiasts basically that’s where I got my interest from and wanted to something for the pollution.”

EV Enthusiast Opinion

My vision for new millennium for 2030 as quoted in books of our late A.P.J Abdul kalam sir. Firstly congratulations to all EV manufacturing companies in India. Please bring more battery swapping technology systems into all Indian vehicles so that we can charge back up batteries keeping it ready for next day with additional traveling rather than charging the same battery and also going to stations for refilling. We can start charging in our house with fast charges using solar-powered power generators which can also be given at low cost without using Household electricity and making a shortage to the electricity board. Also, make the batteries types compatible for both 2 wheeler’s & 4 wheeler’s in same format and types so that we can switch the battery companies in vehicles. I think the solar hybrid types can take a secondary phase of development good work in the long run for R&D processing.
Note: Companies please get approval from National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) to address the issues of National energy security, vehicular pollution, and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities and reach the common man of this country as earliest. The Government should start to give faster approvals Adoptions and Manufacturing of Electric vehicles than hybrid vehicles in (FAME) scheme which provides incentives for purchasing electric vehicles, even more, faster process. I hope the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, formulate the necessary actions on the administration of the new rules, transport research, regulations, and laws relating to road transport coordinate the best way. #jaihind!!!

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Mastered in Journalism and I am a dedicated writer for since 2018. I am an EV enthusiast. I love to write about electric vehicles, technology, startups, people, fashion, and trends. Through my writings, I love to contribute to my team's efforts to reduce the pollution levels in the world, especially from India.

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