May 19, 2024

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EV Chargers Installation In Office- Know How It Reduces CO2 Emission

EV Chargers

India is growing rapidly in terms of Eco-mobility. As transportation is one of the major aspects of developing India. Almost everyone uses vehicles for their everyday commute. Do you ever think of how much your vehicle pollutes the environment every day? let’s talk about EV Chargers.

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Government’s Aim To Electrify India By 2030- EV Chargers

As the government’s aim to make the country all-electric by 2030, there are many initiatives taken by the government nowadays. Likewise, the Times Internet Limited office campus has installed the EV Chargers in the Office.

EV Chargers- EV Charging Stations Looks Like Regular Fuel Pump

Whenever we talk about EVs, the immediate word sticks to your mind is a charger or charging stations. Most of us may have not seen an electric vehicle (EV) charging point till now due to limited EVs in India but when you see a one you can imagine the future around it.

They look like a regular fuel pump but with a plug point charger attached with the help of the cable instead of a fuel dispenser.

Charging Stations Installed In Times Internet Limited Office Campus

A solution for this is installing charging stations at workplaces (parking space) so that your EV chargers up until you finish your shift. Like Times Internet Limited office campus have installed charging stations. Charging stations can be installed in different public places also to meet the requirement of recharging an EV.

How does a Charging station work?

It is similar to as the gasoline vehicles, park the vehicle in charging zone and plug in the charger and let it do its work. The only difference here is taken hours to charge and refueling takes just 5 minutes. Its similar to your mobile’s battery 4000 mAh battery takes at least 20 to 30 minutes to charge fully however your vehicle’s battery is much bigger than that which takes more hours.

When you refilling or recharging the vehicle you look for the time but have you noticed how it effects?

Charging Stations Installed For Tata Tigor EV And Mahindra eVerito

Charging stations installed in the for providing the office staff cab service. One Tata Tigor EV and one Mahindra eVerito which does the trips nearby metro stations.

Now Let’s Understand Some Statics

The Tata Tigor EV gives a range of 120 km on a single charge and Mahindra eVerito can be travel around 110 km with the same power. Let’s take 10 km up and down for both the vehicles, both cars can make a total of 23 trips out of the two battery capacities (120/10 +110/10) per day.

1 Liter Of Petrol Produces 2.3 kgs Of CO2

The gasoline vehicles create harmful impact as an average of 1 liter of petrol produces 2.3 kgs of CO2. For covering 230 km of both EVs, assuming 15 liters of petrol is required for petrol cars.

15 liters of petrol produces 34.5 kgs of CO2

The calculation then becomes 1 liter of petrol produces 2.3 kgs of CO2 X 15 liters of petrol
2.3 X 15= 34.5 kgs of CO2 is produced by the vehicles for the same number of trips.

Petrol Cars Produce 12000+ kgs of CO2 For Making 23 Trips

If the two EVs making 23 trips a day, petrol cars would produce 12000+ kgs of CO2 over a year.

Number Of Registered Vehicles In Telangana Multiplied By CO2 Produced In a Year

For example, if we take a total number of registered vehicles in Telangana is 7845 as of 2015, calculate the number of vehicles of Telangana.

The number of vehicles is multiplied with the 12000+ kgs of CO2 produced in a year.

12000x 7845= 94, 140,000 CO2 is produced for making 23 trips.

Now you can imagine if we calculate all the vehicles in India, you will get an idea of how much the environment is polluted by the vehicles alone.

Regular Cab Service User- Bhupinder from India Times Says

Bhupinder from India Times, who is a regular user of the cab service says, “The electric cars are much more silent than the previous (gasoline) ones. So much so that at times it is difficult to figure if the vehicle is on or off. It takes off much more smoothly in comparison too. The cars look like regular cars, so first time users are pleasantly surprised by the lack of noise.”

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