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Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India-August 2019

Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India- August 2019

Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India- August 2019 Highlights

Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India-August 2019-As we all know electric vehicles (EV) market is growing rapidly every day. To know the exact sales value, the EVs sales report is the best source to know the market potential in India.

Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India 

According to FAME INDIA reports as of 3rd September 2019. 

Top sales in India were from

  • Maharashtra with 36597
  • Gujarat with 31577
  • Uttar Pradesh with 28974
  • Haryana with 25877
  • Delhi with 20224
  • Tamil Nadu with 17821

Electric Vehicles Sales Report in India till August 2019


Let us see the statistics of the States

States & Union Territories Total Sales
Maharashtra 36597
Gujarat 31577
Uttar Pradesh 28974
Haryana 25877
Delhi 20224
Tamil Nadu 17821
Rajasthan 17405
Karnataka 15228
West Bengal 14775
Kerala 11392
Andhra Pradesh 10265
Telangana 9265
Punjab 6922
Madhya Pradesh 6979
Uttarakhand 4534
Chattisgarh 4821
Odisha 4402
Bihar 3699
Assam 1908
Jharkhand 1890
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 820
Jammu Kashmir 478
Goa 515
Tripura 89
Himachal Pradesh 98
Puducherry 835
Nagaland 67
Manipur 61
Andaman & Nicobar  Islands 82

The total number of Electric Vehicles were sold in India till now is  280140. 

  • Fuel saved in liters- 51451860
  • Fuel-saving per day-52787
  • CO2 reduction per day-130819
  • CO2 reduction in Kg-130819

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