June 24, 2024

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Revolt RV300 & RV400 booking closed till Oct due to high demand

Revolt RV300 & RV400 booking closed

Revolt motors closed the bookings for its electric motorcycles for the months of September and October. The company made an announcement on their social media sites that the bookings for September-October batch have been closed while bookings for November-December are still open.

Revolt RV300 & RV400 booking closed till Oct due to high demand

According to the company, the RV electric motorcycles have been received much response from the buyers in Delhi and Pune and is therefore sold-out. The company thanked the buyers and enthusiasts on their social media channels. The company with the motto to cut down the pollution levels and to provide the next-gen solutions.

Electric vehicles are the future and in the near future, we can see everyone will prefer using electric vehicles instead of ICE vehicles. The electric vehicles with good range and performance can gain the confidence of the buyers.

However, that is somehow expensive today because of the batteries equipped in them. Due to the lack of unavailability of some of the components such as a battery is imported from the other countries which are making them more expensive. The low quality and poor performance electric vehicles cannot be used on a daily basis. That is why the manufacturers are trying to give the best to their consumers but that costs us more but at the same time, we are getting a quality product to use. 

Revolt Motors is making a difference and therefore receiving an overwhelming response from the buyers. The Revolt launched the RV300 and RV400 electric motorcycles in India on 28 August 2019.

Revolt RV300 & RV400 booking closed

The revolt RV works with a 300kW mid drive Motor which provides 170NM torque and a 5000W peak power. The bike has 3 ride modes Eco mode, Normal mode, and Sport Mode. It is equipped with a 3.24 kW Lithium-ion battery which can be charged in 4 Hours. With a full charge, the bike can travel up to 150 km. Whereas RV300 provides a range of 8 to 150(eco-mode). 


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