May 28, 2024

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Electric Vehicles Industry Job Opportunities in India

Electric Vehicles Industry Job Opportunities in India

Bringing in Electric Vehicles is not only protecting our environment and making it better in the quality of air, reduction in noise pollution, energy can be saved and emission of low carbon power generation mix, reduced greenhouse gases but also giving employment opportunities. Employment can be created through e-auto, to e-cab drivers, to charging station operators and to EV service mechanics.

Delhi government announced an Electric Vehicle policy to promote E-Mobility, the Delhi EV policy 2018 draft aims to improve the air quality by decreasing the emissions from the transport sector. Which can be done by increasing the Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), by 2023 they must contribute to 25% of all new vehicle registrations.

According to the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2018, Delhi has become the hub to train about the EV related jobs in EV eco-system. Vocational Training and R&D will be provided.

To train personnel for the EV eco-system following policies and measures will be taken:

Electric Vehicles Industry Job Opportunities

Electric Vehicles Industry Job Opportunities
Electric Vehicles Industry Job Opportunities

Courses by the World Class Skill Centers (WCSCs)

With the partnership of auto OEMs, EOs and BSOs, EV mechanics and charging station staff will be given courses by the World Class Skill Centers (WCSCs) set up by the GNCTD.

Training for private firms: 

for the private firms such as auto OEMs, EOs and BSOs can provide their own captive staff training at the WCSCs, at the concessional rates space and faculty will be given.

Recruitment ‘fairs.’

For private companies who want to hire trained personnel, GNCTD regularly conducts recruitment ‘fairs.’

Re-training short-term courses for ICE mechanics

There will be also part-time re-training for the ICE mechanics throughout the year at concessional fees. ICE Mechanics can take up this course who wants to be getting trained in repairing and servicing EVs.

The availability of charging infrastructure will provide job opportunities to the designers and to test new models of electric mobility and charging equipment’s. GNCTD will fund the Centre of Excellence which deals to design and use EVs. it will be set up at Central or State universities within Delhi.

In India, Electric Vehicles Industry job opportunities will certainly reduce the unemployed youth in various sectors like manufacturing, technical support, software, and marketing as well.

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