August 05, 2021

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Electric vehicles charging stations business in Tamil Nadu by Relux Electric 

Electric vehicles charging stations

Electric vehicles charging stations business in Tamil Nadu by Relux Electric 

Charging stations is one of the interlinked business in Electric Vehicles. Nowadays most of the EV customers are hesitating to buy electric vehicles due to lack of charging stations in India. So many entrepreneurs are looking for charging station business in their respective localities.

Electric vehicles charging stations

So we bring you one such company in India which offering charging station solution at Pan India Level, Relux Electric is a Tamil Nadu based electric vehicle chargers manufacturer.

This company is providing both electric vehicles charging stations and swapping stations across India.

The company offering three business model options

  • Client Model for individuals
  • Distributor model for District wise
  • and Channel Partner for State wise.

The speciality of this company is offering charging stations at a discounted price. The size of the fast charger is similar to a double door refrigerator in your house. This company is offering various benefits to the customers who buy these charging machines.

Some of the key features are

  • Buyback assurance after 2 years
  • 0% Maintenance
  • Monthly stipend
  • Free upgrades of machines with the latest models.
  • Free internal audit for channel partners and distributors

Their chargers are ARAI certified with 94% power efficiency along with IP55 water and dust protection. The current offer from this Relux electric is a 15KW DC, Bharat Charger with 2000 rupees as a monthly stipend for 2 years. In addition to this, home chargers, ac chargers, e-rickshaw chargers are also offered by the company.

Relux is also offering free masks, sanitizers from Relux medic brand to ensure the safety of the customers, not only this while you charge your vehicle, your vehicle will be disinfected for free of cost for the safety of the people following the government rules of maintaining social distancing.

Interested people can visit their website

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