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Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Telangana

Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Telangana

Electric Vehicle market is growing rapidly in the country due to its Eco-friendly nature and Cost-effective features. Telangana is the youngest state in India, showing some mature interest in the EV market Adoption. This article can help EV manufacturers, Entrepreneurs, Dealers, and researchers to know about the electric vehicle market condition in Telangana.

Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Telangana

To evaluate any industry’s market structure, some key factors need to be considered. Especially, when it comes to the electric vehicle industry, which is unknown to many Indians, the key factors to look for is Government support, Policies, awareness, and sales report.

Telangana EV Policy 2018 to Support Eco-Friendly Mobility

Some of the Key Points in Telangana EV Policy 2018

  • Attract investments worth 3 BILLION USD and create employment for 5 lakh persons by 2022.
  • Road tax exemption for all-electric vehicles till 2025.
  • Registration exemption for all-electric vehicles till 2025.
  • Adoption of Electric vehicles in taxi services, public transport, and institutional transportation.
  • Establishing sufficient charging infrastructure to the electric vehicles on road.
  • Free Parking for EVs in public parking places and Toll exemption on State Highways till 2025

Telangana Government dedication for Electric Vehicle Adoption

  • Making Mandatory to Corporate offices with an annual turnover of Rs 100+ Crore operating within GHMC limits to migrate 25% of their employee commuting fleet to EVs by 2022 and 100% by 2030.
  • Encouraging e-commerce delivery services to migrate 25 % of their vehicles to EVs by 2022 and 100% by 2030.
  • Using battery operated shuttle services at all the Hyderabad metro stations for last mile connectivity.

Telangana Government Charging Infrastructure Adoption

  • The government of Telangana will work with GOI for the development of common standards for batteries and charging infrastructure.
  • The government will set up first 100 fast charging stations in GHMC and other cities in a phased manner.
  • Charging points for personal vehicles of Government employees would be provided at Government office parking lots, starting with Hyderabad, followed by other cities.
  • EV charging stations/ infrastructure at public places such as airports, railway/ metro stations, parking lots, bus depots, markets, and malls.
  • Motivating Apartment associations with 200+ families will be encouraged to provide charging points in parking lots and will be supported by a capital subsidy of up to 25%, capped at 5 lakh

Telangana Government Support for Electric Vehicle

  • Recently, the Telangana Government made an initiative towards making the city eco-friendly mobility by launching 40 luxury Electric Buses in the state for public transportation purpose.
  • Zoomcar electric car service is available to passengers in Hyderabad metro at very cheap costs like 8.50 rupees per km.
  • On August 15, 2018, Hyderabad Metro MD has launched electric scooters in all the famous metro stations in Hyderabad. These electric scooters are very cheap to ride at an operating cost of 4 rupees per kilometer.

Electric Vehicle Market condition

  • IT minister of Telangana, KTR, drives the first electric car as a part of EESL (State-run Energy Efficiency Services).

Electric Vehicle Market Condition Report of Telangana

Electric Vehicle Awareness Programmes in Telangana

EVREX Summit which was held last year in Hyderabad with an aim to promote green mobility in India and to encourage the new EV manufacturers to step into the making of EV and the existing manufacturers and as well as the EV buyers.

The Institution of Engineers, one of the engineering colleges in  Hyderabad conducted an awareness program on electric vehicle uses and importance.

Electric Vehicle Dealers in Telangana

Almost 20+ electric vehicle dealers in India, where the majority of the dealers are providing two wheelers and three wheelers. Some of the electric vehicle dealers are Hero electric, Gayam Motor Works, Vasavi Wheels, Goenka Electric, Okinawa Scooters.

Electric Vehicle Sales Report Of Telangana- February 2019

Wheeler Type Telangana(Model) Total
null Three Wheelers (Category L5 slow speed as per CMVR) 2
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L1 & L2 as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR)) 535
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Category L2 (CMVR)) 789
2 Wheelers Two Wheelers (Max power not exceeding 250 Watts) 2256
4 Wheelers Passenger Cars (Category M1 as per CMVR) 5552
Total 9134

According to FAME INDIA reports as of 19th February 2019,

  • Three Wheelers (Category L5 slow speed as per CMVR)- 2
  • 2 Wheelers (Two Wheelers (Category L2 (CMVR))- Telangana Model)- 789
  • 2 Wheelers [Two Wheelers (Category L1 & L2 as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR)]- 535
  • 2 Wheelers (Two Wheelers (Max power not exceeding 250 Watts) -2256
  • 4 Wheelers Passenger Cars (Category M1 as per CMVR)- 5552
  • Total number of electric vehicles in the state- 9134
Electric Vehicles Sales Report
Electric Vehicles market condition

Considering all the electric vehicle market condition reports, those who want to start their own electric vehicle manufacturing facility, electric vehicle dealership, charging station providers, Telangana state is considered to be one of the safest and trusted places for electric vehicle business.

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