July 19, 2024

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Mahindra e2o Plus will not be available now

Mahindra e2o Plus

Mahindra Electric Mobility announced that it will stop manufacturing its e2o Plus electric car as the sale of the car is low. The four-door e20 plus was launched in the year 2016, October replaced the older two-door version which was launched in 2013.

Mahindra e2o Plus

The company is not getting the customers for e20 plus, sales are low is the reason behind the e20plus to stop its production.

The production had stopped so that the company can make use so of the facility to manufacture newer electric models like the e-KUV100 and the e-KUV300.

Mahindra e2o Plus had four variants-the P2, P4, P6, and P8 

on 31 March 2019, the e20 plus was manufactured last time. The company’s facility is in Karnataka. The Mahindra e2o Plus were in four variants-the P2, P4, P6, and the P8.
The p8 was the top model offered 140 km on a full charge and P2, P4, and P6 variants give 110 km on a full charge.

But the P2 and P8 variants discontinued last year and only P4 and P6 models were available till 31st March

The prices for the Mahindra e20 variants ranged between Rs 7.5 lakh and Rs 8.2 lakh, ex-showroom (India).

Mahindra’s New Models Mahindra e-KUV100 and e-KUV300 electric car 

Those become the past, but about the future, it had launched its Mahindra e-KUV100 electric car in the 2018 auto expo and launch in 2019.

These EV holds the same motor as eVerito and will have a 2-phase AC Alternate Current induction 31kWh electric motor.

It uses the lithium-Ion battery and offers a range of 140 kilometers on a full charge. It can be charged using Fast charger that charges the battery at80 percent in just 1 hour.
This electric car will be India’s first micro SUV. 

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