May 27, 2024

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EVs Wireless Charging Technology-Nissan Received Indian Patent

EVs Wireless Charging Technology

EVs Wireless Charging Technology, Nissan, a Japanese company has received an Indian patent for its Electric Vehicles wireless technology. This technology helps the EV owner to charge their EVs without using a connecting device.

EVs Wireless Charging Technology

The advanced technology lets you charge your EV without connecting the cables or plugs. The EV can be parked at EV charging spots as we do to the electric toothbrushes or the shavers.

The company applied for a patent in December 2013,

The company applied for a patent in December 2013, describes that a power feeding and receiving coil and the sensors that can sense the output values of power transmission to find any hurdles between two coils.

EVs wireless technology process 

Whenever the vehicles are parked at a particular parking spot, the power feeding coil is fixed below the power receiving coil under the EV not letting both to have direct contact.

Electric power is supplied through magnetic induction in which the Power feeding coil is electrically charged, it would generate a magnetic field that induces a current in the secondary coil and charges the batteries.

EVs Wireless Charging Technology- It developed advance parking assist 

It has also developed an advance parking assist which helps the users so that they can park their EV at the correct position to charge the EVs properly.

After the company done with the procedures and submissions, the patent office granted the application this week.

Nissan to launch an electric car, Nissan Lear

The company is expecting to launch its electric car, Nissan Lear this year. The company says that this car launch in India is an effort made for bringing in the e-mobility offerings in the country.

Recently, in March 2019, it had announced that Nissan Leaf will be the first electric car in history to have the sales of about surpass 4,00,000 across the globe becoming the leaders throughout the world.

Nissan electric cars Sales 

The company has reached its sales to 1,00,000 units worldwide since 2010 and in 2014 with its first EV Nissan Leaf. In 2015 they reached to double with an update of 30 kWh battery.

In 2017, it launched the second-generation Nissan lead and in 2018 its sales reached to 3,00,000 units worldwide.

Nissan’s electric cars driven more than 10 billion kilometers in total

Nissan’s Electric cars have driven more than 10 billion kilometers in total said the company. The product is made available in more than 50 markets globally and sale will go on in sex new markets in Latin America in the first half year and seven in Asia and Oceania in the second half of the year.

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