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Electric Scooters in India Price List on October 2018

Electric Scooters in India Price List

Below is the electric scooters in India price list on the month of October 2018. Almost 30 + electric scooters available in the Indian market, I have picked up some of the users choice electric scooters.

Electric Scooters in India Price List
Electric Scooters in India Price List

Hero Electric contributes the major share in the electric two-wheeler market. Ather electric scooters secured top place in the price segment.

Electric Scooters in India Price List

Manufacturer Model Name Price
Hero Electric Photon 42,990
Hero Electric Optima DX 40,690
Hero Electric Flash 45,990
Hero Electric Hero Electric Optima Plus 36,037
Hero Electric NYX 39,970
Hero Electric NYX e5 57,490
Hero Electric Cruz 37,390
Okinawa Praise 66,273
Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd Okinawa Ridge 48,514
Okinawa Ridge Plus  71,227
STORM ZX 50,000
 Tunwal E-Bike India Mini Sport 63 36,000
Sport 63 49,000
Sunoti 60,000
Go GreenBov Kimaya 47,000
Kohra 38,000
Kavahc 53,000
Ather S340 1,00,000
Ather Energy Ather 340 1,09,000
Ather 450 1,24,000

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