July 23, 2024

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Meet the Low Speed Electric Vehicle- GEM e2


The GEM e2 is a two-passenger low-speed vehicle, includes standard safety features such as an automotive glass windshield and 3 pt seat belts. This electric vehicle delivers a clean and safe drive with an extremely low cost of operation.

Gem EV have front wheel disc brakes with a motor that features Regenerative Braking System. Users will feel hilarious ride experience with the  5.6 inches travel time of the front suspension along with an independent trailing arm rear suspension with 5.9 inches of travel.

Gem also comes with 13-inch street grade tire which can be upgraded 14-inch aluminum alloy. The dashboard is ergonomically designed.

GEM E2 review
This electric vehicle range can be customized with various batteries. With lithium-ion 8.9 kWh, the range can be tripled and using 12.4 kWh battery high performance can be obtained.

Specifications of GEM E2

  • Top speed of 25 kmph
  • Maximum mileage of 110km 64 80 96
  • Battery input voltage 48V
  • 6.7 HP AC Induction Motor
  • Payload capacity – 363 kg
  • Turning radius – 381 cm
  • Wheelbase – 175.3 cm
    Front disc brake and rear hydraulic drum

Features of GEM E2

  • Regenerative braking system
  • Weather resistant seats
  • Adjustable driver seats

GEM E2 Price

gem e2 specs

The price of GEM E2 electric vehicle is around 6 Lakh rupees in India.

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