April 11, 2024

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Award Winning Single Handle Stunt Electric Vehicle

Stunt Electric Vehicle Stator

Stator electric scooter is a self-balancing vehicle designed to simplify personal transportation. Its handlebar can be quickly folded, makes the scooter a quick storage and transport vehicle. The design of the electric scooter makes the users feel it as a stunt electric vehicle.

Stunt Electric Vehicle

Natan Allen is the designer of this unique electric vehicle, design balances aesthetics, usability, engineering, manufacturing, safety, environmental impact, and story coming together in a great product. Stator electric vehicle can run with a top speed of 40 km/ h, with a single charge it can cover a range of 32 km.

The electric vehicle can be customized with components like seat, utility racks, headlight, mobile charger, and rack bags. The batteries can be easily replaced if damaged.

Stunt Electric Vehicle Awards

  • Stator won several awards for its unique design and performance,
  • Spark Awards winner for best concept vehicle in 2015
  • Spark Awards winner- Bronze in 2015
  • Won Michelin Challenge Design award in 2015

Features of Stator Electric Vehicle

  • Simple and usable controls
  • Front disc brake
  • Self-balancing
  • Rear and front fenders

Specifications of Stunt Electric Vehicle

  • 3-Phase brush -less DC motor
  • 4 hours charge time
  • 1.2 hours fast charger time(Add-on)
  • Curb weight – 40.8 kg
  • Load capacity 118 kg
  • Maximum power 1000 W

Price and Warranty of Stator

1-year warranty on battery, material, and drive unit. The price of stator electric vehicle is not announced by the manufacturer.

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