June 15, 2024

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Electric Motorcycles- Smart Desert and Smart Classic by Free Fly

Fly Free with smart electric motorcycles which stand unique with their unique features and stunning retro and classy look. Smart Desert and Smart Classic Electric Motorcycles are the new inventions by Fly-Free company which

There are two models-Smart Desert and Smart classic

Smart Desert and Smart Classic Electric Motorcycles

It has been developed inspired by the model of 1950s. It consists of old-style off-road tires and handlebars are wide. The ITS stripped-down style designs made from side to side.

Know about the makers of Smart Desert and Smart Classic motorcycles-Fly Free

Fly Free is a startup company, dedicated creators of motorcycles founded on May 24, 2016, in California. They mainly focus on creating motorcycles based on scrambler models. They created three models ‘Smart Desert’ Smart Old and Smart Classic from basic operating system. They claim that the motorcycle can be customized and you able to assemble 80 different combinations. If you want to choose your motorcycle, model can be chosen, body color, seat color and whatever the accessories you want you can order.

Smart Desert Electric Motorcycles

It has many different features such as colors, accessories, lighting, battery, electric motor, smart key.

Let’s have a look at all the features in detail.

Smart Desert Electric Motorcycles
Free Fly Electric Motorcycles


There are matte colors are available to give a sophisticated look to the motorcycles. Red, Camouflaged, Gray and Beige are the colors available.


You get support to carry your surfboard or snowboard, double brown bag, black
bag, double steel box or skateboard while driving.


The lighting part, you get four different lighting setups that give a unique and classy look to the bike.


The headlamp in LED gives amazing lighting.

Speed Meter

This is something very important part for the rider, a retro style round model gives the speed, battery level, distance, and temperature of engine information.

LED Details

The logo is highlighted with LED to create a unique look.

Rear Light

Rear light in round shape gives a stylish retro look to the vehicle.


Zero emission, LG Brand lithium batteries are used and in Eco speed mode it can travel up to 50 miles. After 700 cycles it maintains 70% of its charging capacity.

Electric Motor

There are 3 different speed modes available in the electric motor (3000w), the eco, city and speed modes. These are some of the specifications of smart dessert and smart classic motorcycles. It can be operated easily without gearshift or clutch levers.

Smart Key

The smart key provides you with greater protection and secures the vehicle using the smart key and USB charging devices are available.

Smart Classic Electric Motorcycle

Smart classic comes with various features such as colors, accessories, lighting, battery, electric motor, smart key

Smart Classic Electric Motorcycle
Smart Classic Electric Motorcycle


Colors are available such as brown with beige, red with dark gray, graphite with green and beige with blue.


You get a double brown bag, black bag, double steel box.


The lighting you get same as in smart desert at four different parts such as Headlight, Speed meter, LED details, rear lights.

Battery, Electric motor and smart key are the other features which are similar to ‘Smart Desert.’

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