December 06, 2019

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#CodeGreen, a mission to increase Zero Emission

#CodeGreen, a mission to increase Zero Emission

Heavy fog spreads all over Delhi. Some companies are taking the initiative of doing something about the problem. Two-wheelers are the largest contributor of vehicular pollution in a city. Hero Electric, India’s biggest electric brand is trying to solve this problem. It introduces the #CodeGreen initiative, a mission to increase Zero Emission.


#CodeGreen initiative, a mission to increase Zero Emission

Can anyone confidently say that you are inhaling clean and fresh air? Obviously, no. Besides we are suffering, we are leaving the cities as the places haunted by pollution for the future generations. Everyone being busy with their own duty, ignoring their responsibility to conserve environment. But there are some who are still conscious.  Hero Electric is one among them. It announced the commencement of its #CodeGreen initiative to highlight the significance of e-mobility in the conservation of environment. This initiative is to increase awareness towards greener and cleaner ways of transport.


Under the name of #CodeGreen initiative, Hero Electric provides free green colored helmets to its customers who buy Hero Electric Scooters. The riders wearing these green helmets would be referred as ‘ECO-HEROES’. Every helmet would carry a personnel message from the company acknowledging the contribution made by the customer to the environment. These ‘ECO-RIDERS’ will further drive the message that everyone deserves to breathe in clean air including the coming generations.


 The #CodeGreen is about contributing a small part to a better environment every time when anyone uses an electric scooter. CODE GREEN aims to celebrate the users of Zero Emission and Zero Fuel.

We hope this initiative increases awareness not just about air pollution but also about electric mobility and leads to growth in electric vehicle sales so that there is no code red for air quality in our cities.


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I'm an Electrical graduate and a regular writer. I write with a motto to spread awareness about the Electric Vehicles among the people. My only aim is to contribute my part to curb the pollution and to develop a pollution free environment.

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