October 01, 2020

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chopper-style electric bike Wyld unveiled by EMoS

chopper-style electric bike Wyld

chopper-style electric bike Wyld unveiled by EMoS

EMoS a Brisbane-based Electric Mobility Solutions is to unveil a new “chopper-style” electric bike Wyld on the World EV Day. It has gain approval to sell the bike in Australia. It will be added in EMoS’s personal transport lineup.

Australia’s Emos to unveil new “Wyld” chopper-style electric bike

chopper-style electric bike Wyld

The company has the largest registerable portfolio of electric urban transport vehicles in Australia. It offers a comfortable and affordable riding experiences for the growing last mile and single-passenger electric vehicle market.

Talking about Wyld’s top speed of 50km/hr in some states there is no need for a licence to ride. It has two motor options 1.5kW or 3.0kW motor and has three battery options 60V/12Ah, 60V20Ah, and 60V/30Ah. It has a removable battery which weighs 7.8kg.

EMoS Founder and CTO Wolfgang Roffmann, said,  “We want our vehicles to give our customers more, more safety, more agility and more fun.” He says under real-life conditions, the Wyld will offer around 65km riding range.

chopper-style electric bike Wyld

CEO and co-founder Harry Proskefallas noted by email that, “ Our philosophy has been from the start to be “different,” we want people to turn their heads for our vehicles, we want them to be excited about the form and the function and to make a statement for electric vehicles and that is the same for the Wyld which was “Born to be Wyld.”

A Hyderabad-based electric vehicles start-up, Atumobile Pvt Ltd has also recently launched India’s most affordable electric bike Atum 1.0 which is said to be a new generation electric bike. This new electric bike claims to build electric mobility in India with a well built retro, vintage design electric vehicle. 

The cost-effective racer styled electric bike which is built in-house from scratch is priced at Rs 50,000 and is available across India via its online portal. The most affordable stylish electric bike is equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged in 4 hours easily using a normal 3-pin socket. It comes with a lightweight portable battery pack of 6 kgs.

(Source Driven)

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