August 05, 2020

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Cellestial E-Mobility Hyderabad startup raises $200K funds to launch e-tractors

Cellestial E-Mobility Hyderabad startup

The Hyderabad based startup Cellestial E-Mobility has raised $200,000 funds in the first round of investment. The Startup is in the advanced stage of developing electric tractors made with the longer battery life in the market.

Cellestial E-Mobility Hyderabad startup

raises $200K funds to launch e-tractors

The first round of investment was from angel investor Meka Sudhakar Reddy, Singapore based NRI with an expertise of more than 18 years in the logistics space.

Company to roll out first prototype in the next month

The Hyderabad based company started its business in May 2019 with the starting fund of $200,000.The Founder promoter of the company, Siddhartha Durairajan, said, “We are readying to roll out the first prototype in the next one month.”

Features of the electric tractor

While talking about the features of the electric tractor he said that the e-mobility invention is a zero-emission ecological tractor apt for horticultural or greenhouse works or for delivering the goods within the factories and vehicle to drag luggage in airports.

The Startup is well aware of the market potential and has the capacity to build 100 e-mobility heavy vehicles and have the capacity to produce more than that if the consumption goes high.

Startup leadership teams include highly professionals and experts

The startup leadership teams include highly professionals and experts such as Siddhartha Durairajan, with Engineering Design Expertise with over 20 years of new-age industry experience, Syed Mubasheer Ali with 16 years of expertise in Battery manufacturing, Vinod Moudgil having over 30 years of expertise in Tractor Manufacturing, and Midhun Kumar has over 15 years of Casting, Machining, and Fabrication Expertise.

Government’s push to adopt EVs in India

As the government’s push to adopt EVs in India, taking many initiatives such as decreasing the battery cost, technological, advances in charging infrastructure, innovative business models, policies and subsidies, smart digital technologies, etc.

24 million could be the battery-operated (EVs) by 2030

According to the estimation of the automotive industry, there will be more than 40% sales of new vehicles by 2030 and out of the approximately 24 million could be the battery-operated (EVs). The number of EVs sales in India by 2030 us expected to exceed the aggregate the number of vehicles sold in India in 2016.

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