April 10, 2024

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Canadian Electric Motorcycle – EMMO Zone S

Canadian Electric Motorcycle - EMMO Zone S

After seeing the cover picture everyone’s inner feeling:”Looks like a super electric motorcycle”.But looks itself cannot design the inner architecture and performance of an automobile. The Canadian electric motorcycle EMMO Zone S furnish with some decent features.

Canadian Electric Motorcycle - EMMO Zone S 4

Advantages of E-bikes:

  1. No insurance required to ride.
  2. No gasoline required.
  3. No parking fees.
  4. No driving license required
  5. Easy to charge.
  6. Quite Driving

Emmo Zone S Features

  • Available in more than 100 dealer stores around Canada
  • 1-year warranty on the bike and six months on battery
  • Keyless start

Canadian Electric Motorcycle - EMMO Zone S 4

Advanced features:

  • Windshield for protection
  • LED lights consume 80% less power
  • Cruise control system for comfort.

Canadian Electric Motorcycle Specifications

  1. Top speed of 35-45kms
  2. Charge time of 4-10 Hours.
  3. Available colors: Black; white; Red
  4. Dimensions: Length 2100;Width 850;Height 1345
  5. Motorcycle Weight 120kgs
  6. Load capacity 250kgs
  7. Motor: Emmo GTS super torque motor
  8. Battery: 72V/20Ah Gel type Li-Battery
  9. Charger Specifications: AC 100-120V, smart charger
  10. Rear and Front Dist Brakes

Security :

Remote Alarm, Remote Stater, Key Ignition Lock, Street Lock AND Motor lock


LED- Speedometer, Odometer, Battery Strenght Indicator, Light Indicator

LED system: Ultra Bright LED Headlights
LED turning signals, LED brake light, LED tail light.

Emmo Zone S Price

Canadian Electric Motorcycle - EMMO Zone S 4

The Canadian electric motorcycle Emmo Zone S price is $3199.

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