May 28, 2024

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Bugatti Baby II Electric Car for Kids And Adults, Costs 25.95 Lakh

Bugatti Baby II Electric

Buggati Car Manufacturer celebrates the 110th Birthday, on the occasion company unveiled the Bugatti ‘Baby’II electric car for kids inspired by the Buggati Baby I. The Buggati baby II is the replica of the Type 35 race car which originally launched in the year 1927.

Bugatti Baby II Electric Car

Though the model is small but its also suitable for both children and adults, it is exclusively designed for the youngsters. Originally the buggati is designed by Ettore for his son Roland between 1927 and 1936 it was sold. 

Bugatti Baby II Electric Car


Bugatti Automobiles is a French high-performance luxury automobiles manufacturer and a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, with its head office and assembly plant in Molsheim, Alsace, France.

Volkswagen purchased the Bugatti trademark in June 1998 and incorporated Bugatti Automobiles in 1999.

Features Of Bugatti Baby II

The powertrain for Buggati baby II is a BEV, like the first generation. The car’s features are it offers a lithium-ion battery that can be removable, regenerative braking system, a limited slip differential, and two power modes. The motor power is 4kW.

Child Mode And Adult Mode 

The child mode and adult mode, both the modes have different speed according to their age. If the car is driven by the child by setting up it to a child mode it provides a top speed of 20km/h with the 1.3 bhp power and when driven in adult mode its gives 45km/h and can be increased by 10Km/h with upgrading.

Bugatti Baby II Electric Car
Bugatti Baby II Electric Car

Speed key

The Baby II also comes with a “speed key” that allows you to remove the limiter altogether unleashing all the 13 horses from the electric motor.


The cockpit is fixed with the materials such as the aluminum dashboard, leather upholstered seat, an old-fashioned Type 35-style four-spoke steering wheel and a Bugatti instrument panel.

Customize Bugatti Baby II

The Baby II’s scheme can be customized with your Chiron, with the alloy eight-spoke aluminum wheels and headlights can be added. You don’t need any driving license to drive Buggati Baby.

Bugatti Baby II Electric
Bugatti Baby II Electric Car

The Buggati is much expensive, if you add some more bugs you can buy a Tesla model 3. But one can fulfill their Buggati dream by this one as the model’s appearance is beautifully made and a royal color that describes the richness of the brand and the car itself. However only 5oo lucky customers can grab it. 

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