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EV Conference-Innovation in Electric Vehicle Technologies (IEVT 2019)

EV Conference

College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala, Department of Electrical Engineering successfully organized a National Conference on the topic “Innovation in Electric Vehicle Technologies” (IEVT 2019) from 7th to 9th March. The EV Conference held for three days. The students got an opportunity to gain knowledge about electric vehicle technology, presented their research papers and explored the practical knowledge in the exhibition. 

EV Conference In College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala

The first Engineering College in Kerala and eighteen in India with only 7 students in 3 branches when it was established in the year 1939. The top college in the country hosted an EV National Conference on the topic “Innovation in Electric Vehicle Technologies.”

EV Conference
EV Conference

The college provides the Department of Electrical Engineering, a programme in Electrical and electronics engineering etc and many programmes related to electrics.

About The Conference-“Innovation in Electric Vehicle Technologies”

National Conference On “Innovation in electric vehicle technologies” is to explore the opportunities and development in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. The conference had invited talks, tutorial sessions, contributory papers relating to the research and development work and a technical exhibition.

EV Conference
EV Conference

The conference had various technical sessions in which the speakers spoke about the various EVs related topics such as-

  • Sri. Vijayan Nandalan, Former Scientist, ISRO, Presented the topic “Advances in Electric Vehicle Technologies: Major trends and Future development.”
  • Smt. Sujatha S, Head of Advanced Power System Division, VSSC talked on “battery technologies.”
  • Sri. Anush G. Nair, Tata Elxsi, Technopark, TVM, spoke on “Selection of Traction of Motors for Electric Vehicles.”
  • Sreedevi, C-DAC on “EV/HEV System Design using xEV simulator”
  • Sri. Tijo Thomas, Entuple Technologies, Bangalore “ Motor design for EV application”
  • Sri. Visakh Sasikumar, CEO, PI BEAM, EV startup in IIT-M technology park- “Type of electric vehicles” developed by PI BEAM
EV Conference
Sri. Vijayan Nandalan, Former Scientist, ISRO

There were ten papers presented on various aspects related to drivetrain and control of electric vehicles. The outcome of the presentation was understood that there is a need for a research approach by the student community on EV technology.

There was also a panel discussion on the topic “Challenges in the growth of Electric Vehicle industries in India” and was moderated by Dr. Ajith Prabhu, Joint Director, Kerala State Council of Science Technology and Environment (KSCSTE).

EV Conference
Smt. Sujatha S.Head, Advanced Power System Division, VSSC

Few Questions from the audiences answered by the experts from the panel discussion-

Q1. Can you explain the recently introduced Kerala EV policy?

Mr. V.K. Joseph answered the question:
As the policy was published only days before, a detailed discussion is not possible.

The Major points included are:

  • tax exemption for EV
  • Provisions for commissioning EV charging stations by private individuals or companies
  • A five rupee tariff for EV charging
  • In order to overcome space constraints for charging stations, road spaces can be
  • In accordance with the MNRE policy, the charging stations will be set along with
    solar stations
  • The mission is to make all vehicles of Trivandrum city electric driven by 2020,
    starting with two wheelers and three wheelers.
  •  Battery swapping stations to be encouraged rather than charging stations.
  • Also, KSRTC is planning to replace all buses in Trivandrum with electric buses.
  • Currently, ten electric buses are plying between Trivandrum and Kochi.

Q2. Which agency will take up the process of integration between R&D and government

Dr. Ajith Prabhu answered:

Although currently, no clear idea regarding the issue is not available, many agencies like
SECRI, RLL, IITM, etc can be considered as the integrating agency. The issue requires
a top-level discussion.

Q3. Even though the introduction of EV is said to reduce the greenhouse gas emission of the transportation sector, how much actual saving regarding the emission can be achieved in India? Is India being a primarily thermal based electric generation country?

Mr. Narayanan answered the question:

Mentioning the calculations regarding the carbon emission from IC based vehicles and
thermal power generation, he said that currently, 5-10 kg of carbon saving can be
achieved with EV technology.

By increasing the share of renewable energy sources in power generation, a further saving of CO2 emission, as well as petroleum product import cost, can also be saved.

The moderator concluded the discussion by mentioning the need for new legal standards
and regulations regarding EV technologies. Also, he wondered, whether immediate
wiping of IC vehicles is possible, or should we go through a hybrid vehicle phase before the
introduction of EV technology. 

EV Conference
EV Conference

The outcome for this conference-

  • The conference had paper presentations and discussions on the advances now coming up in the EV technology area and the participants benefitted from the ideas and topics that are presented.
  • The need for indigenisation of EV technologies and their commercialization were well discussed in the conference. The advances and innovations now happening.
  • EV industries were brought to light.

  • The need for a consortium comprising both Private, Government and domain experts were felt by the participants so that indigenization activities of EV technologies will get momentum and will accelerate the programme.
  • This conference brought together the various agencies doing their developments in
    EV area. This networking will really help these entities to have a broader discussion
    in the EV technology area.
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