June 23, 2024

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Boom Motors launches its first Corbett-14 electric scooter 

Boom Motors electric scooter 

Boom Motors launches its first Corbett-14 electric scooter 

Boom Motors a Coimbatore-based electric vehicle manufacturer has launched its first electric vehicle Corbett 14 electric scooter. The Corbett 14 electric scooter is priced at Rs 86,999 for the standard variant and up to Rs 1.20 lakh for the EX variant. The new electric scooter bookings have already commenced and can be booked at a token amount of Rs 499. The deliveries will commence from January 2022.

Boom Motors electric scooter 

Technical specifications 

That was all about the pricing and the availability of the e-scooter now let us look at its technical specifications. The Corbett-14 is equipped with a 3 kW BLDC hub motor and Corbett 14-EX uses a 4 kW BLDC hub motor. The standard model provides a top speed of 65 kmph which can go up to 75 kmph on the EX. It provides a range of 100 km and EX provides a range of 200 km.

The standard model gets a 2.3 kWh of swappable battery capacity and the EX model gets dual swappable battery packs of 4.6 kWh capacity. Both the models can be charged fully in 2.5 with a fast charger and 4 hours on a standard charger using a household 220V, 5A,3 pin plug.

Specifications  Corbett 14  Corbett 14-EX
Motor power  3 kW 4 kW
Top speed 65 kmph 75 kmph 
Range  100 kms 200 kms
Battery capacity 2.3 kWh  4.6 kWh 
Charging time  2.5-4 hrs  2.5-4 hrs 
Loading capacity  200 kgs  200 kgs 
Price  Rs 86,999  Rs 1,19,999


The company claims to be the most durable electric scooter in India. If we look at Corbett 14 features, the electric scooter can carry a load of 200 kgs and it is equipped with a LED headlamp, 14-inch alloy wheels with front and rear disc brakes. It has 30 litres of under-seat storage, and a tracking app that shows you the consumption of petrol you saved, the number of trees you saved, CO2 reduced, accident and theft detection and a parental mode with a speed limiter.

Boom Motors electric scooter 

Price & Warranty

The Corbett 14 electric scooter is priced at Rs 86,999 (ex-showroom & introductory price) and the actual price is Rs 89,999 is for the standard variant and the EX model is priced at Rs 1.20 lakh (ex-showroom & introductory price) and the actual price is Rs 1.25 lakhs.

The Corbett 14 comes with a seven-year warranty and the IoT-enabled smart battery will be covered with a five-year warranty. At the end of the battery life, Boom Motors will repurchase it from the customer and deploy it for other use.

Boom Motors

Anirudh Ravi Narayanan, the CEO, Boom Motors, said, “In order to fuel the transition to EVs, Boom Motors believes that vehicles should offer value, convenience and peace of mind to the customer only then they will switch en masse. To demonstrate our best-in-class value, Boom Motors is the first EV company to offer customers to purchase our vehicles for 5-year EMI,”

“Rates will start at Rs. 1,699 per month which is less than what many people spend on petrol. For convenience, we are offering a swappable battery with a portable charger that will allow the bike to be charged anywhere. Today many people struggle with charging in apartments, offices and malls. For peace of mind, we are offering service touchpoints across the country, roadside assistance and of course an unbeatably durable bike that will have minimal downtime, to begin with.”

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