May 19, 2024

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India launches E-Amrit web portal for all EV related information at COP26

India launches E-Amrit

India launches E-Amrit web portal for all EV related information at COP26

The Indian government has launched the ‘E-Amrit’ an electric vehicles awareness web portal at the ongoing COP26 Summit in Glasgow, UK. The web portal includes all the information related to electric vehicles such as buying an electric vehicle, starting an EV business, calculating electric vehicles benefits, finding charging stations, etc. Read further to know more about India launches E-Amrit web portal. 

Prime Minister Narender Modi said that “The world is now in the middle of a new mobility revolution.” This website is basically for the people to get awareness about electric vehicles which is developed and hosted by NITI Aayog, under a collaborative knowledge exchange programme with the UK government and as part of the UK-India Joint Roadmap 2030.

E-Amrit aims to complement initiatives of the government on raising awareness on EVs and benefits to the consumers to switch to electric vehicles. It aims to add more features and introduces innovative tools such as choose my electric vehicle, home and public charging calculator etc, to help people to choose their electric vehicles or have more knowledge about it. It also has charging stations and locators etc.

India has taken various initiatives to accelerate the shift towards an electric future by the decarbonisation of transport and the adoption of electric mobility. The government has also brought in FAME and PLI for the adoption of electric vehicles. It provided incentives and had taken many initiatives such as road tax and registration exemptions for electric vehicles etc.

In September, the Niti Aayog with US-based RMI and RMI India’s support launched the ‘Shoonya’ Campaign an initiative to promote zero-pollution delivery vehicles by working with consumers and the industry. The campaign aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in the urban deliveries segment and create consumer awareness about the benefits of zero-pollution delivery.

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