November 27, 2022

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BLive launched its first multi-brand EV store in Hyderabad 

BLive EV store in Hyderabad 

BLive launched its first multi-brand EV store in Hyderabad 

BLive has announced that it has launched its first multi-brand EV store in Hyderabad. The EV experience platform aims to offer electric two-wheelers and electric bicycles (e-bikes) designed and manufactured by Indian brands at this offline store.

The company is also looking to provide ease of ownership with simple interest-free EMIs, and a cardless loan facility at these stores. In the next 3 years, BLive is looking to launch 100 offline stores. It has already received over 200 applications for opening such stores across India.

BLive EV store in Hyderabad 

BLive co-founders Samarth Kholkar and Sandeep Mukherjee said that “We look forward to welcoming like-minded partners to help us in our vision to drive EV adoption by masses and further extend support in promoting sustainable mobility. Our strategic alliances with several key players in the Indian EV industry and partnerships with hospitality will allow us to provide extensive support to our partners and deliver a premium consumer experience. I am happy to say that we already have several inquiries from potential partners and are optimistic about onboarding many new partners in the near future by offering easy finance to them.”

Ampere & BLive

In 2020, the company launched the country’s first online EV marketplace, offering e-cycles and e-scooters from top EV brands. BLive in September 2021 has joined hands with Ampere Electric. BLive and Ampere will help showcase unseen undiscovered India explored on an Electric Scooter.

Ampere electric scooters will play a significant role in promoting zero-emission commutation, thus strengthening the cause of responsible & sustainable tourism across popular travel destinations across India with BLive. Ampere is a preferred choice for customers looking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly mobility options because the scooters can cover long distances in one single charge thus providing uninterrupted movement across tourist spots.

In addition, they can be charged easily across any plug-on-the wall, much like usual mobile phones. These lightweight scooters are easy to drive, swift to handle in traffic & park even by the senior travellers, women & teenagers. They have proven superiority infrequent start stop-go operations as experienced by 100,000 customers of Ampere.

BLive & Ather Energy

Blive announced that it has partnered with Ather Energy for the EV adoption at the tourist destinations across the country which will be first starting in Goa. The partnership will install 5 charging stations across Goa by the end of this month and 15 by the end of the year.

Under the partnership, the BLive will showcase Ather Energy’s electric scooters through the product experiences and will provide pre-bookings for customers. The GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation) is also helping in this green initiative by providing space for BLive EV Zones. The EV Zones will be set up across its associated hotels.

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