July 23, 2024

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Bengaluru EV startup to launch 470 charging stations ‘Kirana Charzer’

charging stations 'Kirana Charzer'

Bengaluru EV startup to launch 470

charging stations ‘Kirana Charzer’

The Bengaluru based EV Startup FAE Bikes announced the launch of its ‘Kirana Charzer’ which is a low-cost smart EV charging station which will just cost Rs 10,000. The small shops and individuals can install their own charging stations and earn some additional income out of it. let us see more about charging stations ‘Kirana Charzer.’

The company has unveiled its charging station at MOVE 2020 which happened at the Excel International Convention Center, London on February 11 to 12. The founder of the startup, Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal was invited as a speaker to the event. He presented the Kirana Charzer to the executives of mobility companies from around the world.

Charging stations ‘Kirana Charzer’

The Kirana Charzer is a compact, zero maintenance and IoT enabled and supports to all the vehicles, inbuilt meter, low-cost maintenance and high returns. The startup is providing the Kirana Charzer at a subsidized price of Rs 10,000 and it is installing in free.

By installing this charging stations the owner gets 100 per cent revenue from the EV charging as existing charging solutions are very expensive and even after incentives of government schemes only big companies are able to install them.

The startup has launched its new EV charging platform Charzer.com. The FAE Bikes is an electric scooter startup in India which is started by IITians and NITians, they got the funds by the Government of Karnataka.

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“We have been in the EV domain and realized that EVs cannot become mainstream until charging infrastructure is present. There is an urgent need for millions of charging stations in India. We want to do our part in growing the ecosystem and plan to install one lakh charging stations in 2020,” said Sameer.

The startup has also partnered with some EV manufacturers such as Hero Electric and Jitendra EV Tech. It is providing free subscription for their users in Charzer app for 60 days he added.

He says that the real scale and adoption of EV charging stations only happens if the general public gets involved in setting up them. Keeping in mind the company has designed Kirana Charzer which can be installed anywhere such as small Kirana shops, paan shops, grocery stores, restaurants and homes with standard power supply. The most interesting thing about this charger is that it is compatible with all two-wheeler, three-wheeler and four-wheeler Electric Vehicles.

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